Community Use of Schools

We've been expecting you.

When we open schools for community use, we develop schools as the hub of the community and enhance quality of life for children, youth, families and older adults.

Rainbow District School Board welcomes community groups into its schools to provide programs, services and activities.

As safe, caring, nurturing and familiar environments that are close and convenient, schools have wonderful facilities to offer their neighbours.
Program Definition

Community Use of School is an initiative that supports access to school space outside of school hours for not-for-profit community groups.

For details, see section P.4.10 of the Rainbow District School Board's Policy Manual.

Who can use school facilities?
Community volunteer groups, organizations, clubs or partners can use school facilities. Businesses can also use school facilities.
What facilities do schools have?
Elementary schools have gyms, libraries and classroom space for community use. Secondary schools have a wider variety of facilities, including gyms, auditoriums, lecture halls and cafeterias. If you don't see the school facilities you are looking for when registering online, please complete the comments section of the permit.
How can I book a school facility?

Groups can book school facilities online through the Community Use of Schools Online Permit Application System. Facilities available at each school are featured on an online calendar by date and time.

When are schools available?
Schools are available for community use as part of the Priority Schools Initiative

Throughout the year, schools are open after hours, during the evenings and on weekends except for Christmas break. There is also some availability during the summer and holiday weekends.
Is liability insurance required?

In accordance with Board Policy 4.10 Use of Schools by Outside Organizations, groups renting facilities within Rainbow District School Board are required to provide proof of liability coverage prior to the event. 

Insurance can also be purchased from the Board, assisting groups in securing coverage at low premium rates.

To purchase, use the drop-down box under the Insurance section of the Community Use of Schools Online Permit Application System and choose the "Purchase Insurance" option. 

For more information on eligibility, please contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at 705.674.3171 ext. 7227.

Is there a cost?
Not-for-profit groups or charitable organizations can use school facilities at no charge unless there is a requirement for special arrangements for staffing or equipment. Businesses can rent school facilities.
Where can I obtain more information?
Information is available on the Board's website. By logging on to, groups can see what facilities are available where, when, and at what costs. The website also outlines criteria for not-for-profit groups and charitable organizations to quality to use facilities for free.

More information can be provided by contacting the Board's Facilities Department:

Phone: 705.674.3171 ext. 7259
Toll Free: 1.888.421.2661
Fax: 705.671.2442

Schedule of fees

Hourly Rates - Effective September 2013 - apply to "for profit" groups only

All user fees shall be payable to Rainbow District School Board.

Fees for a facility vary according to the type of room used, staffing costs and building operating costs. Charges shall be those actual costs that the Board incurs as a result of the activity plus a user fee where applicable.

Rental Fees for the F.W. Sheridan Auditorium (Sudbury Secondary School) shall be $ 550 per evening (minimum of three hour booking) and $185 per additional hour.

Rental Fees for the D.K. Mackellar Auditorium (Lockerby Composite School) shall be as follows: 

First four (4) hours use of any portion thereof $ 400
Each subsequent hour $ 100

Cost for rental of Equipment: 

Piano per use $ 60
P.A. and stage lights $ 50 per hour

Costs for other equipment will be determined upon request.

User fee schedule for school facilities:

Rental costs All Schools
$20 per hour Classrooms
$30 per hour
$30 per hour  Single Gym
$30 per hour  Meeting Rooms
$50 per hour Double Gym

Add actual operating costs for Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Fees are subject to change without notice.

Fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Criteria for qualifying for reduced rates

Not-for-profit or charitable organizations

There will be "no charge" to these organizations for the use of schools, except where extraordinary costs are incurred (for example, technical fees.)

Not-for-profit organizations are entities, normally without transferable ownership interests, organized and operated exclusively for social, educational, professional, religious, health, charitable or any other not-for-profit purpose. A not-for-profit organization's members, contributors and other resource providers do not, in such capacity, receive any financial return directly from the

A charitable organization is an organization established and operated for charitable purposes that devotes its resources to charitable activities. The organization must be registered with Revenue Canada as a charity, under the Income Tax Act. Under the Ontario Charities Accounting Act, all charities operating in Ontario must be registered with the Public Trustees Office to be recognized as an incorporated charity.

The organization must meet the above criteria of a not-for-profit or charitable organization in order to be exempt from costs.

Joint use

The Board recognizes the "Joint Use Agreements" (reciprocal agreements) with the municipalities and townships.

The uses under these agreements are at "no charge" unless there is a requirement for special arrangements for staffing or equipment.


The Board recognizes that from time to time various groups or individuals contribute time and or/services to the school and the school may reciprocate by offering the use of the school facilities at "no charge". 

The Manager of Facilities must approve all of these arrangements upon recommendation from the Principal.

Other users

All other users will be charged a fee as per the schedule of fees.

Schools with available space:
Elementary Schools
A.B. Ellis Public School 128 Park St.
Espanola, P5E 1S7
Adamsdale Public School 181 First Avenue,
Sudbury, P3B 3L3
Alexander Public School 39 St. Brendan Street,
Sudbury, P3E 1K3
Algonquin Road Public School 2650 Algonquin Road,
Sudbury, P3E 4X6
Assiginack Public School 134 Michael's Bay Road,
Manitowaning P0P 1N0
C.R. Judd Public School 8 Lincoln Street, P.O. Box 460,
Capreol P0M 1H0
Carl A. Nesbitt Public School 1241 Roy Street,
Sudbury, P3A 3M5
Central Manitoulin Public School 56 Yonge Street,
Mindemoya, P0P 1S0
Charles C. McLean Public School 43 Hall Street, Box 678,
Gore Bay P0P 1H0
Chelmsford Public School 121 Charlotte Avenue, Box 249,
Chelmsford, P0M 1L0
Churchill Public School 1722 Fielding Street,
Sudbury, P3A 1P1
Copper Cliff Public School 50 School Street, Box 879,
Copper Cliff, P0M 1N0
Cyril Varney Public School 1545 Gary Avenue,
Sudbury, P3A 4G5
Ernie Checkeris Public School 1570 Agincourt Avenue,
Sudbury, P3A 3K3
Jean Hanson Public School
31 Tuddenham Avenue,
Sudbury, P3C 3E9
Lansdowne Public School 185 Lansdowne Street,
Sudbury P3C 4M1
Larchwood Public School 43 Main Street, Box 220,
Dowling, P0M 1R0
Levack Public School 100 High Street, P.O. Box 190,
Levack P0M 2C0
Little Current Public School 18 Draper Street,
Little Current, P0P 1K0
MacLeod Public School 23 Walford Road
Sudbury, P3E 2H2
Markstay Public School 7 Pioneer Street E.,
Markstay P0M 2G0
Monetville Public School 7099 Hwy 64N,
Monetville, P0M 2K0
Northeastern Elementary School 45 Spruce Street,
Garson, P3L 1P8
Pinecrest Public School 1650 Dominion Drive,
Hanmer, P3P 1A1
Princess Anne Public School 500 Douglas Street W.,
Sudbury, P3C 1H7
Queen Elizabeth II Public School 32 Dell Street,
Sudbury, P3C 2X8
R.H. Murray Public School R.R. #1, 3 Henry Street
Box 70
Whitefish, P0M 3E0
R.L. Beattie Public School 102 Loach's Road,
Sudbury, P3E 2P7
Redwood Acres Public School 4625 Carl Street, Box 2000,
Hanmer P3P 1X5
S. Geiger Public School 355 Government Rd., P.O. Box 427,
Massey P0P 1P0
Valley View Public School 1840 Valley View Rd.,
Val Caron, P3N 1P4
Walden Public School
249 Sixth Avenue, Box 340,
Lively, P3Y 1M4
Webbwood Public School 6 Minto St.,P.O. Box 69,
Webbwood, P0P 2G0
Westmount Avenue Public School 
511 Westmount Avenue,
Sudbury, P3A 1B3

Secondary Schools

Chelmsford Valley District Composite School 3594 Highway 144,
Chelmsford, P0M 1L0
Confederation Secondary School 1918 Main Street, West, Box 1000,
Val Caron, P3N 1B4
Espanola High School 147 Spruce St.,
Espanola, P5E 1R7
Lasalle Secondary School 1545 Kennedy Street,
Sudbury, P3A 2G1
Lively District Secondary School 265 5th Avenue, Box 430,
Lively, P3Y 1M4
Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School 275 Loach's Road,
Sudbury, P3E 2P8
Lockerby Composite School 1391 Ramsey View Court,
Sudbury, P3E 5T4
Manitoulin Secondary School 107 Bay St., P.O. Box 307,
M'Chigeeng, P0P 1G0
Sudbury Secondary School 85 Mackenzie Street,
Sudbury, P3C 4Y2