Mark Patterson

Pinecrest Public School

Grades 6 to 8 - Enrolment 167

School Profile
"A Proud Place To Be!"

Vision Statement

At Pinecrest Public School we believe that all students will learn to high standards that are supported through targeted interventions. Character development will be embedded and modeled in all areas of curriculum. In addition to a challenging academic program, Pinecrest Public School offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

Pinecrest is a school where staff, students and community work in close collaboration towards common goals. All staff will model characteristics of citizenship, diversity, character development and academic achievement. We evaluate and analyze school-wide literacy and numeracy goals, assessments and teaching strategies to drive student achievement.

We have an environment conducive to student-centered learning. Our school strives to use a variety of technology. Students, parents, staff and community have positive perceptions of the school.

Mission Statement

“Developing model citizens through literacy, numeracy and character education”

Proud To Be Panthers!

Pinecrest is a vibrant community school, where students come first. We are extremely proud each year as our students participate in all aspects of school life. From basketball to Science Fair, soccer to Math Olympics, and poetry writing to Heritage Fair, our Panthers have made a fine showing competing against students from all over the Sudbury Region.

Pinecrest first opened its doors in 1929. At that time, it was a two-room school called Hanmer #2 Public School and housed students in Grades 1 to 10. In 1967, the school was renamed Pinecrest Public School and became a senior school where we now have students in Grades 6, 7 and 8. Several additions have been constructed since the first building was erected, and Pinecrest now boasts nine classrooms, a library, a gym and a music room. 

The success of our school can be measured in terms of the fine achievements and positive experiences enjoyed by our students. Each year, our students work hard to show improvement in provincial assessment results of reading, writing and mathematics. Our students participate in a wide variety of athletic activities such as cross-country running, soccer, basketball, volleyball and track and field, to name a few. The Pinecrest staff is committed to educating the whole student, from their intellectual development to their physical and social well-being.

Technology is the future and our students are part of this as they explore the possibilities on 24 wireless laptops, which can be used in any classroom. Digital cameras for movie making, LCD projectors and SMART Boards further engage students in their academic program. 

Our instrumental music program is a key component of our educational program. Students enhance their musical potential as they practice their skills on trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, or the ever-popular drums. 

Our drama club has grown over the years. The drama club has developed into a unit that writes, produces and acts out productions based on character education or other topics relevant to the core values of the school and the board. They have presented plays and, most recently, produced a film. It involves the hard work and dedication of over 50 participants from all three grade levels. Students who were not actors, producers, camera operators or editors, had an opportunity to be involved with set design, script writing, ticket sales, or a myriad of other jobs.

At Pinecrest Public School, our Student Parliament is a strong supporter and ambassador for our school. As a result, we have a growing network of parent volunteers who assist in a variety of events such Book Fairs, Fall/Spring Play Days, the Pinecrest Palooza, updating the library books, revitalizing the playground and running the snack program. 

Pinecrest Public School has an outstanding staff of dedicated professionals who provide a dynamic education for all Panthers as they endeavour to personalize the Rainbow District School Board’s motto of “Reaching Minds. Touching Hearts.”