Susan Cousineau
Susan Cousineau

Redwood Acres Public School

Kindergarten to Grade 5 - Enrolment 270

School Profile
We offer Full Day Kindergarten!

Before and after school programs are also available.  Please contact the school for more details.

Redwood Acres Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 English Program school located in Hanmer, Ontario. Our school is the only English Public School in the Valley, north of Sudbury, drawing students from Val Caron, Val Therese, Blezard Valley, and Hanmer. 

Redwood Acres has a large primary population with close to 300 students all under the age of 11! We also accommodate students with special needs in our Intensive Support Program (ISP) class. This class is also available to our family of schools, Valley View and C.R. Judd. We are home to the Best Start Hub, offer piano lessons and have before and after school programs through the YMCA.

Redwood Acres Public School is focused on Literacy and Math instruction. Several staff members have completed Reading Courses to fine tune their instruction, and improve their student’s skills. Redwood Acres was part of the Literacy Numeracy Secretariat project in 2008-2009, which had several staff involved in learning and improving mathematics instruction. The project was done in nine cities across Ontario, and Redwood was highlighted with the Math lead from the Secretariat as being one of the most progressive schools. We continue to improve our mathematics instruction, participating with other Rainbow schools in the Collaborative Inquiry Approach to teaching mathematics with an emphasis on mental math strategies to build fluency.

Character development is an important part of the curriculum at Redwood Acres Public School.  Each month we focus on a character trait. At our Kids With Character Assembly at the end of the month, a student from each class who best demonstrated that trait receives a certificate that is placed on our Wall of Fame.  As well, students receive “shout-outs” on the announcements throughout the month when they are caught doing something positive.  In addition, we celebrate monthly spirit days with our mascot Rocky Redhawk.  We are sharing, caring Redhawks!

Redwood Acres School staff is a dedicated, community oriented group. We offer many extra-curricular activities throughout the year both in the area of athletics and the arts. Arts activities include an annual Christmas concert, dramatic presentations, and a Music Monday Concert.  Athletic activities include: Primary and Junior Soccer, Volleyball, Junior Basketball, Floor Hockey, Cross Country Running in the Fall and Cross Country Skiing in the Winter.

Our community is very involved as evidenced by our active School Council and Parent Volunteers. We offer students healthy snacks, sponsored by the Sudbury Health Unit Northern Fruit & Vegetable Program, and there is a community garden that classes help plant and harvest each year. Through Bingo fundraising and the VTEC Ugliest Playground initiative, the school community carried out a playground enhancement project, resulting in a beautiful outdoor space for our students and community to enjoy.  Having turned our focus to enhancing technology at Redwood Acres P.S., Bingo fundraising has also enabled us to purchase iPads for every classroom, a computer lab, and put interactive white boards in all classrooms.  Parents are welcome members of our school community, as seen by their involvement in their children’s classes and countless hours of volunteering in many aspects of school operations.

Technology provides the vehicle for our students’ engagement in 21st century learning.  We are very fortunate at Redwood Acres Public School to have iPads in every classroom as well as a full computer lab. All classes have regularly scheduled times in the lab each week. Google Apps for Education, Assistive technology as well as many other educational programs are available to all our students in order to support their academic success and learning at Redwood. Teachers use interactive whiteboards, document cameras and student response systems to cover the curriculum in an engaging manner.

As part of the “Pay It Forward” initiative, Redwood Acres Public School staff and students do ordinary good deeds, which lead to extraordinary good things. We participate in the Terry Fox Run, Edgar Burton’s Kids Helping Kids Christmas Food Drive, Jump Rope for Heart and support many other community initiatives.

Redwood Acres Public School’s vision statement, “SUCCESS BIG OR SMALL - EVERY CHILD EVERY DAY” reflects the level of commitment of the staff to our students. Our Professional Learning Communities reflect our belief that every student’s progress is a collective responsibility. Staff offers information nights and events for parents, demonstrating our understanding that a child’s education is a partnership with parents and guardians, and our dedication to providing a quality education for all students.