Bob Deeth

Sudbury Secondary School

Grades 9 to 12 (FI & EP) - Enrolment 626

School Profile
Renewal of Sudbury Secondary School

The renewal of Sudbury Secondary School began in September 2008 with the revitalization of the A wing which runs along Mackenzie Street, including a displacement ventilation system, new energy efficient washrooms, lighting and boilers, new state-of-the-art science labs, a family studies area, sewing room, weight room, computer labs and cafeteria. An addition accommodates change rooms adjoining a newly renovated gymnasium.

The Sheridan Auditorium has been remodeled as part of the renewal of Sudbury Secondary School. Upgrades include a new entrance, new theatre-style seating and new lighting. A back of stage area has also been added to accommodate set changes and change rooms.

The new arts wing was ready for occupancy in September 2011. The new arts wing has modern music rooms and studios for dance, drama, visual arts, photography and media arts. The arts wing also houses a new library, wood shop, auto shop and administration offices. The arts wing is connected to the Sheridan Auditorium. Demolition of the B and C wings, which run along Baker and College Streets, occurred throughout the fall of 2011. Additional parking has been added to Sudbury Secondary School as part of the renewal project. The school is also fully accessible.

Reach for the Stars

Sudbury Secondary School is a full service school whose mission is to provide equal opportunity for all learners so that every student can reach their academic potential and maximize their intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth.

At Sudbury Secondary School our goal is to value, cultivate and support life-long learning; foster compassion and respect for all members of society; provide a safe and nurturing environment; recognize accomplishments; understand and demonstrate the importance of shared responsibility; and strive for excellence in teaching to ensure learning for all.

Sudbury Secondary School students' are able to pursue a broad range of courses and co-curricular interests at an ability level appropriate to their individual circumstances, within a vibrant and accepting atmosphere of co-operation and respect.

Guided by a highly qualified and dedicated staff, students prepare to take the next step in their educational careers by following individualized pathways that lead them to university, college, apprenticeship programs or the world of work.

Sudbury Secondary School has earned a province-wide reputation for educational excellence because of its history of success in offering innovative programs that allow students to combine courses from many different disciplines.

Programs offered through Sudbury Secondary School that have received provincial recognition include the Arts Education Program and N'Swakamok Aternative Education Program. Sudbury Secondary School offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture.

We also offer an exceptional Continuing Education Program with adult day classes and Heritage language classes.

As well, we have a full-time Native Counsellor, on-site nursery/daycare, and an on-site nurse practitioner.

Come join us and reach for the stars! Be a Northstar.