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  • Summer

    Posted: 2016-06-30 - 10:08

  • Our school will re-open on Monday, August 22, 2016.
    If you would like to register, please call 705-566-2280
    and leave your name and number.
    We will contact you when we re-open.
    For more information, please email
    The first day of school is Wednesday, September 7, 2016.
    Have a safe summer!


  • Guidance Announcements

    Posted: 2015-12-02 - 08:28

  • Course Selection for 2016-2017
    Students at Lasalle Secondary School have started the process of choosing their courses for 2016-2017. On February 9th, information was provided to all students in Grades 9 to 11 to help them start their research into which courses they would like to take for the upcoming school year.

    Starting Tuesday, February 16th, guidance counsellors will meet with classes to discuss graduation and post-secondary requirements, and to submit courses in myBlueprint.

    Please note that all information has been posted in the Guidance Google Classroom (code: 1trwxrd) for all students to access.

    The following documents are available for reference:

    Instructions on how to research courses

    List of courses offered in 2016-2017

    Lasalle Secondary School course calendar

    Guidance Google Classroom
    The Guidance Department has created a Google classroom to communicate important graduation information. Students can sign in through their @rscloud account and join classroom "1trwxrd". Signs are also posted in classrooms and around the school with instructions on how to join the Guidance classroom.