Tutors in the Classroom

Tutors in the Classroom

A total of 20 post-secondary students from Laurentian University, Collège Boréal and Cambrian College, have been hired to work directly with K to Grade 8 students under an initiative called “Tutors in the Classroom”.

Sixteen schools in Rainbow District School Board are involved in this program, which directly focuses on improving the literacy and numeracy achievement of individual students.  Each tutor is specifically trained by our Program Consultants before beginning their assignment.

Using research-based reading strategies and working one on one, these tutors provide learners with extra reading practice, prompt them to use effective reading strategies and engage them in meaning-making dialogue.  In mathematics, tutors provide additional support for students using specific interventions planned by the classroom teacher as well as using online Ministry resources.   Many of the tutors are also aspiring teachers who are presently in education programs in the north.

“The training helped me to understand how each individual child needs to be reached at their own level.  I learned many reading strategies that have helped to guide me along the way.”
Samantha Prescott, Former tutor in the Classroom at Westmount Public School

The “Tutors in the Classroom” initiative provides an opportunity for pre-service teachers to practice sound literacy and numeracy instructional strategies, while at the same time positively contributing to the achievement of students in Rainbow District School Board.

For more information about this program, contact individual Principals or Lesley Fisher, Principal of Program, Rainbow District School Board at 705.523.3308, ext. 8236.