Ministry Funded Tutoring

Catch Up Payments

Parents/guardians can apply for Catch Up Payments to assist with the cost of student learning supports to help fill gaps that may have emerged due to the pandemic.

This one-time funding can be used for things that best suit your child’s needs such as tutoring services, supplies and equipment.

Eligible applicants will receive a one-time payment of: $200 for each student from Kindergarten and Grade 12, up to age 18; or $250 for each student with special education needs from Kindergarten and Grade 12, up to age 21.

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023.

Apply for a Catch Up Payment

Tutoring Support for Students
Funded by the Province of Ontario

The Ministry of Education has allocated funding to school boards to provide tutoring for students who experienced learning loss as a result of the pandemic. The allocation of tutoring is determined by the school and is based on assessment data and tutor availability.

Rainbow District School Board has adopted two tutoring models – targeted tutoring with a focus on literacy instruction in small groups using a guided-reading style model, supplemented with explicit phonics instruction; and drop-in tutoring with a focus on support for classwork and homework assignments. Programs began last spring and continue this fall.

Tutors have been trained by the Board’s central program staff to ensure consistency and effectiveness. A common framework for instruction, documentation and monitoring is being used. Tutors also have access to a central bank of resources.

To learn more about Ontario’s Plan to Catch Up, please visit the webpage listed below.

Ontario’s Plan to Catch Up