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Homestay: Rainbow International Accommodations

In order to be successful in school, students need a caring, comfortable home. The homestay program brings students and families together.

Families welcome students into their homes; provide a friendly, nurturing and supportive environment to live and learn; encourage and take an interest in the student’s life and schoolwork; and share their lifestyle and culture with others.

The homestay coordinator interviews host families in their home and ensures they have a background check. The homestay coordinator also monitors students throughout their stay and provides support to both students and host families.

Homestay offers an excellent way for international students to learn about the customs and culture of Canada. It also provides a great environment for students to improve their English.

Students are placed in a safe, secure and stable home, with a private bedroom and access to all of the amenities. It is a wonderful home-away-from-home experience.

Canada Homestay Network

Since 1995, Canada Homestay Network (CHN) has assisted many international students find a suitable home away from home. CHN has earned exceptional client satisfaction based on common values, successful experience, and the highest professional standards in the industry.

Through a comprehensive application and matching system, they are able to design a homestay program that is especially for you.

Apply online today at the Canada Homestay Network online portal system link below.

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