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Meet Trustees, your voice at the Board.

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Board Meetings Image

Board Meetings

See a schedule of Board meetings. Access past and current agendas and minutes.

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Strategic Planning Committee Image

Strategic Planning Committee

See a schedule of Strategic Planning Committee meetings. Access past and current agendas and minutes.

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Audit Committee Image

Audit Committee

Learn about the role and mandate of the Audit Committee.

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All Other Board Committees Image

All Other Board Committees

View a list of all other Board committees and their members.

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Governance By-laws Image

Governance By-laws

Access the Board’s Governance By-laws, including delegations to the Board.

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Policies and Procedures Image

Policies and Procedures

Access the policies and procedures of the Board, including parent and community relations.

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Capital and Accommodation Plan Image

Capital and Accommodation Plan

Access long-term capital data as well as information on accommodation reviews, including the Student Accommodation Policy and the Community Planning and Facilities Partnerships Administrative Procedure.

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Revitalization Projects Image

Revitalization Projects

Learn how Rainbow District School Board is renewing its facilities to provide quality teaching and learning environments.

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Accommodation Reviews Image

Accommodation Reviews

Access information about the Board’s past Accommodation Reviews.

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Program Reviews Image

Program Reviews

Access the report on magnet programs as well as information on the French Immersion program review.

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