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Green is part of our Rainbow

In Rainbow Schools, we are developing global citizens who care about the world in which they live. We are fostering a culture of conservation, implementing green technology, and encouraging eco-friendly practices.

Rainbow District School Board is proud to be a leader in green technology in Northern Ontario. The board opened its first green school in 2007, its second green school in 2009, and its third in 2014. Green technology is being implemented in a number of schools as part of our ongoing renewal efforts.

Please take a few minutes to explore how our students are taking care of the world, and, in the process, making a difference.

Sustainability in Rainbow Schools

This book is a celebration of success in sustainability in Rainbow Schools in Sudbury, Espanola and Manitoulin.

We welcome this opportunity to invite you to join the journey. May it inspire you and others to follow in our footsteps.

Energy Consumption

Under the Ministry of Energy’s Green Energy Act, broader public sector organizations, such as school boards, are required to report on the energy consumption of their sites through an annual Green Energy Act (GEA) report.

See below for a copy of the latest Rainbow District School Board Energy Consumption Report.

Energy Conservation

See below for a copy of the latest Rainbow District School Board Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan.

Monthly Environmental Challenges 2019-2020

Staff and students in Rainbow Schools will continue to focus on sustainability by participating in a series of environmental challenges throughout the school year.

September: Pollution Free Week
October: World Food Day
November: World Paper Free Day
December: Noojmowin (Healing and Wellness)
January: Pulses Day
February: International Polar Bear Day
March: International Day of Forests
April: Earth Day
May: Endangered Species Day
June: World Oceans Day

Composting Champions

Eighteen Rainbow District School Board sites are composting champions. They include Adamsdale Public School, Algonquin Road Public School, Assiginack Public School, C.R. Judd Public School, Central Manitoulin Public School, Chelmsford Public School, Larchwood Public School, Lockerby Composite School, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School, MacLeod Public School, Princess Anne Public School, R.H. Murray Public School, R.L. Beattie Public School, Redwood Acres Public School, Sudbury Secondary School, Valley View Public School, Walden Public School and the Centre for Education at 408 Wembley Drive.

EcoSchools 2018-2019

Rainbow is once again among the top 10 fastest growing school boards to receive EcoSchools certifications for the 2018-2019 school year. This year, twenty schools were certified – seven achieved gold, 15 achieved silver and three achieved bronze.

In a first, Central Manitoulin Public School and R.L. Beattie Public School were certified platinum, the highest level for Ontario EcoSchools.

Rainbow Schools with EcoSchools designations include:

Adamsdale Public School
Alexander Public School
Assiginack Public School
C.R. Judd Public School
Central Manitoulin Public School
Charles C. McLean Public School
Chelmsford Public School
Copper Cliff Public School
Cyril Varney Public School
Espanola High School
Lansdowne Public School
Larchwood Public School
Lasalle Secondary School
Little Current Public School
Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
MacLeod Public School
Manitoulin Secondary School
Markstay Public School
Monetville Public School
Queen Elizabeth II Public School
R.L. Beattie Public School
R.H. Murray Public School
Redwood Acres Public School
S. Geiger Public School
Sudbury Secondary School
Valley View Public School
Walden Public School

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program that helps school communities develop ecological literacy and improve environmental practices to reduce their ecological footprint.

Certification recognizes achievement in six areas:

  • ecological literacy
  • energy consumption
  • environmental stewardship
  • school ground greening
  • teamwork and leadership
  • waste minimization

Rainbow District School Board is committed to educating staff and students to conserve energy, minimize waste, and  the knowledge, skills, perspectives and practices needed to become environmentally responsible citizens.

Green Tips

The road to sustainability is paved in handprints.

Individual actions and collective contributions have a positive and powerful impact on our planet.

Together, we are building a better world for generations to come.

Follow these Green Tips to do your part in helping the environment. Whether you adapt one green practice in your daily routine or all of them, you are doing your part to contribute to a brighter, cleaner, more sustainable future.

  • Turn off the lights, television and computer monitor when not in use
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth
  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Use re-usable grocery bags, water bottles and containers in your lunch
  • Donate clothing you no longer wear
  • Grow a garden
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Walk, cycle, car pool and use public transportation
  • Turn down the heat (thermostat)
  • Drive slower and don’t idle your vehicle
  • Fix something instead of throwing it out
  • Cook instead of eating out
  • Hang wet laundry on a clothesline
  • Make presents instead of buying them
  • Use your own mug
  • Donate your old glasses to developing countries
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Don’t litter
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Plant a tree
  • Compost

Revitalization in Rainbow Schools

Manitoulin Secondary School

Manitoulin Secondary School is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an impressive makeover capitalizing on the school’s geographic location, natural setting, distinct history and rich heritage. All students will see themselves reflected in their surroundings and have a strong sense of belonging at school.

The project includes a redesigned foyer; modern cafeteria; a new library with new technology; new bleachers and new floor in the gymnasium; refreshed washrooms, including a universal washrooms; a water refilling station with new water lines; mechanical and lighting upgrades; an updated science lab; an agricultural classroom; a maker’s space; and a multi-purpose cultural room.

Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School

Interior and exterior work is underway at Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School. In the first phase of the project, the main entrance to the school is being relocated to the ground level next to the library. In the second phase of the project, the long stairs leading up to the school will be removed and the foyer will be redesigned into a bright, modern cafeteria with a café style setting. The current cafeteria will be repurposed into two classrooms.

September 2019 – Rainbow District School Board has updated the implementation dates for projects and program changes affecting schools in New Sudbury and Valley North.

New Sudbury

Grade 7 and 8 students from Churchill Public School and Carl A. Nesbitt Public School will transfer to Lasalle Secondary School for September 1, 2020.

A new French Immersion JK to Grade 6 school on the Lasalle Secondary School site is scheduled to open September 1, 2021, subject to Ministry of Education approval to proceed.

The new school will accommodate students from Ernie Checkeris Public School, Carl A. Nesbitt Public School and Westmount Avenue Public School.

The Lasalle Secondary School site will also feature a multi-use sports facility for school and community use. The facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.

Valley North

Subject to Ministry of Education approval to proceed, Chelmsford Valley District Composite School will be retrofitted to create a JK to 12 school offering JK to 8 in English and French Immersion and Grades 9 to 12 in English for September 1, 2020.

Once the project is complete, Chelmsford Public School will be consolidated into the Chelmsford Valley District Composite School building. The school will also welcome Grade 7 and 8 students from Larchwood Public School.

The French Immersion program at Levack Public School will continue until the Chelmsford Valley District Composite School retrofit is complete. At that time, the French Immersion program at Levack Public School will be transferred to Chelmsford Valley District Composite School.

Levack Public School will then become a JK to Grade 8 school offering the English Program only. The school will also be right-sized to reduce surplus space for September 1, 2020, subject to Ministry of Education approval to proceed.

Rainbow District School Board Centre for Education

Rainbow District School Board’s Centre for Education at 408 Wembley Drive in Sudbury opened in the fall of 2017. Education support services, including administration, human resources, finance, facilities, information services, special education services and consultative services have been consolidated at this location.


S. Geiger Public School welcomed students from Webbwood Public School in September 2017.

New Sudbury

A new Kindergarten to Grade 6 school will be built on an existing site in New Sudbury to accommodate French Immersion students from Carl A. Nesbitt Public School, Ernie Checkeris Public School and Westmount Public School. The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.

Lasalle Secondary School is being revitalized to accommodate Grade 7 and 8 students from Churchill Public School (English Program) and Carl A. Nesbitt Public School (French Immersion) for September 2018.

Churchill Public School is being revitalized to accommodate Kindergarten to Grade 6 students from Churchill Public School and Cyril Varney Public School for September 2019.

Valley East

Confederation Secondary School welcomed Grade 7 and 8 students from Pinecrest Public School in September 2017. A portion of the secondary school has been renovated to accommodate students in a distinct and separate wing. Grade 7 and 8 students now have a dedicated entrance, with direct access to lockers and classrooms. Construction of a new gym began this fall with scheduled completion by the spring of 2018. Redwood Acres Public School now offers Kindergarten to Grade 6.

A.B. Ellis Public School/Espanola High School

Rainbow District School Board received funding from the Ministry of Education to revitalize education in Espanola to accommodate two distinct schools, A.B. Ellis Public School (JK to Grade 8) and Espanola High School (Grade 9 to 12), on the Espanola High School site. Work began in the summer of 2014 and will be completed in the summer of 2016-2017.

R.H. Murray Public School

R. H. Murray Public School has a new play structure and outdoor classroom. Donated by KGHM International Ltd., the play structure features slides, a teeter-totter and climbing equipment.

The outdoor classroom, dedicated to the memory of Sheila Manninen, is covered by a large gazebo, which was donated by the Whitefish Lions Club. Flower boxes surround the area, making it an inviting space for teaching and learning. Rainbow District School Board thanks donors for their generous contribution.

Alexander Public School

Renovations are underway at Alexander Public School. The childcare is being relocated from the lower level to the main level. An addition is being built to accommodate a Kindergarten classroom. The space in the lower level is being renovated for a library and staff room. Work is scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2015.

MacLeod Public School

The new MacLeod Public School is now open for full occupancy. An official opening celebration was held on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

The school accommodates some 600 students in approximately 60,000 square feet. The play area for children has been expanded to approximately 174,000 square feet. The school also has a Best Start Hub.

Construction of a new green school on the MacLeod Public School site began in the spring of 2012. Green features include displacement ventilation and heat recovery systems, radiant floor heating, high insulation values in windows, walls and floors, and energy efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures. The roof has been built to allow for the installation of solar panels at a later date.

The main entrance of the school is located on Walford Road. A separate bus layby from Laval Street to Walford Road will greatly improve traffic flow in the area. There are also 93 parking spaces on site.

The new MacLeod Public School is Rainbow District School Board’s third green school.

Churchill Public School

Churchill Public School has been expanded to include a new 5,000 square foot gymnasium. The old gymnasium has been converted into two Early Learning Kindergarten classrooms. The Grade 7 and 8 wing of the school has been renovated, including new mechanical and electrical systems, windows, flooring, paint, cabinets and lockers. Part of the roof has also been replaced.

R.L. Beattie Public School

A 4,000 square foot addition has been completed at R.L. Beattie Public School. The addition accommodates three classrooms, an elevator, new second floor washrooms and a new gymnasium. The existing building has been retrofitted, including the installation of ramps to enhance accessibility. Administrative offices have been relocated near the entrance of the school. A modular classroom is being added to R.L. Beattie Public School in the fall of 2014. The roof and windows in the older portion of the school will be replaced. A barrier free lift will be installed to the right of the foyer, making the school accessible.

Algonquin Road Public School

An addition of approximately 9,000 square feet has been completed at Algonquin Road Public School. The addition accommodates six classrooms, new washrooms, a new gymnasium, a library and a music room. The existing building has been retrofitted and the playground area has been reconfigured. Algonquin Road Public School welcomes students from Long Lake Public School and Wanup Public School effective September 2012.