Community Use – Lancer Dome

Community Use – Lancer Dome


Bookings for the Lancer Dome are open Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Weekend bookings are also available.

We’re ready for kick off. Are you?

Enjoy soccer and more in our multi-use sports facility, the first of its kind in Greater Sudbury.

Book the Dome today!

Please note: When using the Online Permit Application System, you do not have to register or login to check facility availability. Click the calendar icon in the top right corner of the landing page, then select Filter to find a facility.

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Located at Lasalle Secondary School, 1545 Kennedy Street in Sudbury, the Dome gives the community access to covered artificial turf in all seasons.

When the cold winter wind is blowing in January, you will feel like it’s just another day in June (without the bugs!) in the comfort of the Dome.

The Dome can be booked for a variety of sports and sporting activities, from soccer to cricket, flag football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, slopitch and dryland training.

Whether you’re an organization or a group of individuals, the Dome provides a great space to get active in rain, sunshine, snow or sleet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hours of Operation

At this time, the Dome is open Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 11 pm. It is also open during holidays.

Please note: The Dome is closed during school days for athletic and academic programs in Rainbow Schools, as we promote healthy, active living for student achievement and well-being.


The Dome has three smaller soccer fields convertible to one large FIFA regulation soccer field.


Mini field: $145 per hour
Full field: $400 per hour


Mini field: $85 per hour
Full field: $200 per hour

Payment accepted using VISA and Mastercard only.

Field House

A nearby field house is available for public use.

The field house has two accessible washrooms, a water-filling station, and a common change area.


Only water is permitted in the Dome. No food or drinks are allowed.

No outdoor footwear is allowed on the fields.

Proper sportswear is required (t-shirt, shorts, pants, track jacket).

Please wear shoes with synthetic cleats (rubber moulded cleats) or flat soles.
Shoes with cleats for natural surfaces (pointed metal cleats) are not allowed.

Access to the fields is reserved for players, referees and coaches only.
No spectators are permitted on the fields at any time.

Only reusable plastic water bottles are allowed on the fields.

No chairs or tables are allowed on the fields.

It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Use vacant fields
  • Hold on to the dividing curtains
  • Hold on to goals and nets
  • Eat, spit or chew gum on the fields
  • Leave empty bottles on the fields

Contact Us

For inquiries, please contact Carol Koziar, Facilities Supervisor at [email protected] or 705-665-5135.