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What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Cambrian College artists create new mural at Northeastern Elementary School

Cambrian College is giving new meaning to paint by numbers in its latest mural that has found pride of place in the entrance at Northeastern Elementary School in Garson. Spanning 11 panels and 228 square feet, the impressive piece of art took eight students and two faculty from the Design and Visual Arts and Art and Design Fundamentals programs 213 hours to paint.

Unveiled on Monday, May 6, 2024 to mark the beginning of Education Week, the mural is a reflection of the students themselves as they progress through the years. Silhouettes of 10 children, who were photographed for the project, represent all grade levels, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Northeastern Elementary School students, from left, Lauren Westby, Grade 5; Jack Charron, Grade 7; and Willow Baillargeon, Grade 8 were photographed in various poses for the silhouettes on the mural that now graces the entrance to Northeastern Elementary School in Garson.
A colourful mural unveiled at Northeastern Elementary School features silhouettes of students through the grades, including, from left, Sophia Gibbons, JK; Marcus Bailey-Wright, Grade 1; Clare Genoe, Grade 3; Ben McGarry, Grade 4; Lauren Westby, Grade 5; Jack Charron, Grade 7; and Willow Baillargeon Grade 8. Rainbow District School Board Trustee Alex McCauley, left, and Northeastern Elementary School Principal Jodie Pakkala and Rainbow District School Board Director of Education, Bruce Bourget, right, congratulated the artists from Cambrian College, including, back row from left, faculty Lümen Jefferson and Johanna Westby; and students Suah Jung, Rory Perras, Arlo Joseph, Emily Audette, Bronwynn Kuilboer and Maddie Hallett.
Northeastern Elementary School
Students photographed for silhouettes:

Sophia Gibbons JK
Easton Monaghan SK
Marcus Bailey-Wright Grade 1
Scarlette Brouillette Grade 2
Clare Genoe Grade 3
Ben McGarry Grade 4
Lauren Westbty Grade 5
Khali Burnside Grade 6
Jack Charron Grade 7
Willow Baillargeon Grade 8Within the silhouettes are words to define the values at Northeastern Elementary School – acceptance, co-operation, diversity, equity, friendship, inclusion, kindness, leadership, respect and unity – values that unite and connect the students, staff and school community.

The mural also features dragonflies, symbols of growth and courage. The colours in the mural, vibrant shades of yellow, blue, orange and red, are friendly and welcoming, instilling a sense of energy and excitement from the moment students, staff and visitors enter the school.

Cambrian College Artists
Johanna Westby and Lümen Jefferson
Faculty in the Design and Visual Arts program
Maia Veteri-Gunter
Rory Perras
Suah Jung
Arlo Joseph
Maddie Hallett
Sydney Latva-Aro
Emily Audette
Bronwynn KuilboerThe mural complements the revitalization project that is currently underway at Northeastern Elementary School. The hues in the mural will be carried into the cafeteria which will soon be remodelled.

“Northeastern Elementary School hosts many activities in school, within our Board and within the broader community. These upgrades, made possible with community involvement, bring positive energy to our school, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all to enjoy,” said Northeastern Elementary School Principal Jodie Pakkala. “We extend our deepest thanks to the Cambrian College Visual Arts Department, Johanna Westby and the entire team for being part of our school’s transformation.”

She adds: “Response to the mural has been amazing. The intricate brush strokes are as beautiful as the symbolism that inspired them. The modern elements showcase our students, our values and our school. It also builds a bridge to our community partners.”

Marcus Bailey-Wright in Grade 1 at Northeastern Elementary School proudly displays the new mural that features his silhouette with the word “acceptance”.

It has become an annual tradition for Cambrian’s School of Creative Industries to create a mural for the Greater Sudbury community. Murals have been installed at Tom Davies Square (City Hall), Health Sciences North, Science North, YMCA, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School, Lockerby Composite School and the college itself.

“We are so pleased to collaborate with partners in the community to create these murals,” says Johanna Westby, faculty in the Design and Visual Arts program. “This year’s project at Northeastern Elementary School enabled us to re-imagine the space with lively and colourful art that the Northeastern community could readily connect with.”

She adds: “These murals provide a fantastic opportunity for Cambrian’s students and faculty to create a large-scale project in which they can take pride, and which can be enjoyed by the community for years to come.”


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The word “kindness” is featured on the silhouette for Sophia Gibbons on a new mural unveiled at Northeastern Elementary School. Sophia represented the JK class in the artwork brought to life by artists from Cambrian College.
Through the grades: Meet some of the students whose silhouettes are featured in a new mural at Northeastern Elementary School, from left, Sophia Gibbons, JK; Marcus Bailey-Wright, Grade 1; Clare Genoe, Grade 3; Ben McGarry, Grade 4; Lauren Westby, Grade 5; Jack Charron, Grade 7; and Willow Baillargeon, Grade 8. The mural was painted by artists from Cambrian College.
Northeastern Elementary School students Clare Genoe, Grade 3; left, and Ben McGarry, Grade 4 showcase the mural that features their silhouettes with the words “equity” and “diversity”.