What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Lo-Ellen Park students participate in prestigious Shad Canada program

Three students from Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School are participating in the prestigious Shad Canada program this summer – Annika Matusch, Clara Dissanayake and Tyler Smith. Shad brings together hundreds of high-achieving secondary students from across Canada and beyond to engage in an enriching learning experience.

Students in Grades 10 and 11 with an aptitude for risk-taking, curiosity, excellence and resilience are accepted into the program which prepares them to take on social and economic challenges. Selection criteria includes academics, extracurriculars, creativity, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Throughout the program, students hear from acclaimed professors and experts, take part in hands-on and virtual workshops, develop lifelong friendships, and learn about future education and careers in STEAM sectors – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Students also enjoy a real-world design challenge where teams develop STEAM4Good solutions to complex issues such as “How might we help Canadians treat our fresh water with more respect?”

The benefits of Shad are highly personal. Many participants describe the experience as life-changing and transformational.

“Through Shad, students are challenged to solve problems, embrace risk, and make strong connections,” says Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School Principal Pamela Potvin. “Most of all, they learn to be change makers.”

She adds: “I extend a sincere congratulations to Annika, Clara and Tyler, and wish them all the best during this very important journey of discovery.”

To learn more, watch the video on this year’s design challenge theme or visit Shad2021.


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