What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Rainbow Schools participate in Take Our Kids to Work on November 4th

Grade 9 students in Rainbow Schools will spend the day at work job shadowing a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host on Wednesday, November 4th as part of the national Take Our Kids to Work program.

“The Take Our Kids to Work program provides an opportunity for Grade 9 students to experience the world of work and the variety of career opportunities that await them,” says Judy Hunda, Chair of Rainbow District School Board. “We thank area businesses for opening their doors and welcoming our students into their places of work.”

Take Our Kids to Work benefits students in many ways. “When students make the connection between the classroom and the world of work, they understand the importance of staying in school and getting a secondary school diploma,” says Jean Hanson, Director of Education for Rainbow District School Board. “They learn first-hand about the skills required in today’s workplace and get to explore career options alongside a parent or friend.”

She adds: “Local employers have an important role to play in preparing their future workforce. It’s a role they take seriously, evident by strong community support for Co-operative Education, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, our new Specialist High Skills Majors and other experiential learning opportunities such as the Take Our Kids to Work program. The day will serve as a catalyst to engage students in career discussions with adults in a variety of fields.”

Take Our Kids to Work is sponsored by The Learning Partnership, a national not-for-profit organization that strengthens public education in Canada by developing and delivering innovative programs. Where possible, parents invite their own Grade 9 child to spend a day on the job. If parents are unable to host their own child, they can ask a relative, neighbour or family friend to serve as host.

Students can obtain more information about Take Our Kids to Work at area Rainbow secondary schools.  Parents of participating students will be required to complete and sign a consent form. Parents should check with employers about any age restrictions for placement. Employers are encouraged to identify any specific cautions or information that students will need to know about ahead of time to ensure a safe workplace visit.


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