What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

September 27: Rainbow Schools challenged to walk for water on World Rivers Day

Rainbow Schools kick off a new school year of environmental challenges on Monday, September 27, 2021 with World Rivers Day – Kina ngoji Ziibiing Giizhigad – a day of “walking for the water”.

Rivers in almost all countries face an array of threats. World Rivers Day celebrates all waterways by bringing awareness to the value of rivers and encouraging improved river stewardship on a global scale.

Water walks are a traditional Indigenous practice that promote respect for water and care for earth. Stream cleanups, fish enhancement projects, educational outings and riverside celebrations are a few other ways communities can honour rivers.

“Lakes and waterways have shaped and influenced our history, economy, natural environment and surrounding communities,” says Director of Education Bruce Bourget.

He adds: “World Rivers Day is an invitation to pause and reflect on what we can do individually and collectively to ensure the health of our waterways for generations to come.”

For the day, teachers are tasked to connect rivers and waterways to language, curriculum and truth and reconciliation. Classes can also participate by selecting a body of water to adopt, learning ways to protect water/waterways, hosting a water walk with an Anishinaabe Elder who can share water traditions and/or reading of The Water Walker by Joanne Robertson.

Rainbow District School Board’s Environmental Committee issues monthly challenges to staff and students throughout the school year.

What will next month’s challenge be?


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