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For Immediate Release: 02.10.10

Green Schools funding promotes energy efficiency / culture of conservation

Board Chair Tyler Campbell, right, thanked Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci and the Province of Ontario for announcing investments in the 3E's - education, the environment and the economy. Funding through the Green Schools Pilot Initiative will benefit students in Rainbow Schools.

Students in Greater Sudbury will soon have greener and more energy-efficient places to learn thanks to a McGuinty Government investment of over $1million Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci announced today.
“Our government is committed to ensuring students in Sudbury have the best possible resources for learning,” said Bartolucci. “Today’s investment will save area school boards money while promoting a greener, more energy efficient approach to learning and living in our community.”

All four local school boards are working with green energy companies to pilot a variety of projects including: electric energy conservation, hybrid electric or thermal energy generation, sewage and water treatment, solar and thermal energy generation and conservation, and wind energy generation. Funding is allocated as follows:

 Rainbow District School Board  $297,375
 Sudbury Catholic District School Board
 Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l'Ontario  
 Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario  $215,700

This investment supports Ontario’s Innovation Agenda and is part of Ontario’s efforts to reduce environmental footprints in its publicly funded schools.

Ontario’s Green Schools Pilot Initiative will help over 150 schools in40 school boards become greener and more energy-efficient. The $20 million investment will benefit students and local businesses which will showcase their innovative green technologies and help support Ontario’s green economy.

“Investing in more energy efficient schools promotes better, greener learning environments and helps teach our students the importance of energy conservation,” concluded Bartolucci.


•    In April 2009, Ontario invested $550 million to help over 1,000 schools become more energy efficient, creating and sustaining over 5,500 jobs.

•    Since 2003, the McGuinty government has supported 13,000 school renewal projects, which include replacing roofs, windows and boilers.

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Rick Bartolucci

705 675-1914


19 schools in Sudbury will soon be more energy efficient through Green School Pilot Projects, including eight schools in Rainbow District School Board:

Rainbow District School Board (8)

Project: Electric Energy Conservation
Company: Electric Energy Conservation

Chelmsford Valley District CS
Lasalle Secondary School
Lively District Secondary School
Lockerby Composite School
Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
Northeastern Elementary School
Princess Anne Public School
Sudbury Secondary School

Rainbow District School Board Chair Tyler Campbell
thanks the Province of Ontario for supporting Green Schools

Good morning and thank you, Minister Bartolucci, for supporting our ongoing efforts to “Go Green/Visez vert”.

Bon matin à tous.

Nous sommes très heureux aujourd’hui de recevoir cette subvention – un investissement important dans l’éducation, l’environnement et l’économie.

Sustainability continues to be a priority in Rainbow Schools.

Today’s funding will enable us to move another step forward in this important direction as we partner with Triacta Power Technologies to monitor energy consumption in schools.

In all effective energy plans, monitoring is key to achieving savings.

When you know where and when energy is being used, you can take measures to reduce costs. Small behavioural changes can have a huge impact.

You can also get the maximum benefit from any renewal project, be it new windows, a more efficient heating system, or sensors to turn lights on and off.

When we lower energy usage – through behavioral changes or green technology - we reduce our carbon footprint and this has a positive affect on the planet and the world in which we live.

Rainbow District School Board has been installing Triacta smart meters in its schools over the past five years – and we will share our knowledge with other boards in the green schools pilot initiative.

With today’s funding, we will build on these efforts by introducing Triacta metering in a greater number of schools and installing LCD screens in school lobbies to showcase data in real time.

This will serve as a dynamic teaching tool. Students and staff will be able to see just how much water, gas and electricity is being used in the building throughout the day.

There will also be year to date and year over year data projected on the screens, with targets for energy savings, so everyone can learn how they are contributing to a bigger goal.

The monitors will feature information about green technology being implemented in Rainbow Schools, such as geothermal heating and solar panels, and will provide tips on how everyone can contribute to the environment at school, at home and in the community.  

With this latest initiative, we are not only reducing our environmental footprint, we are also instilling a culture of conservation in our youngest citizens.

We are teaching our students sound sustainability practices so they become more aware of the impact that their actions have. This will carry forward into the next generation.

Thank you, Minister Bartolucci, for being a champion for the 3Es – the environment, the economy and education.

The actions we take today will have a tremendous impact on the world our students, and their children, inherit tomorrow.