Special Education


Special Education

Parents/guardians are important partners in the learning process. Rainbow Schools are committed to fulfilling each student's potential by providing solid support systems.

Collaborative relationships with parents/guardians and strong community partnerships complement the work of staff and have an impact on the success of our exceptional students. Together, parents/guardians, educators and community members form a dynamic group dedicated to creating the best possible learning environment for your exceptional child.

Parents/guardians of a child with an exceptionality are encouraged to:

  • Become familiar with and become informed about board policies and procedures in relation to special education programs and services.

  • Participate in IPRCs, parent-teacher conferences and other relevant school activities.

  • Provide input into the implementation and review of the IEP with the school team and other professionals.

  • Participate in the development of the IEP.

  • Become acquainted with and support the school staff working with their child.

  • Support their exceptional child at home.

  • Work with the principal and teachers to solve problems.

  • Be responsible for their child's attendance.

Information and Downloads for Parents/Guardians

Some of the following resource documents are in the form of a Microsoft Office Power Point Presentation, while others are in Adobe PDF format.

Alternative Curriculum

IPRC Process 

Needs Statement Form

A Parents' Guide (2016)