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Lisa Piquette

Lansdowne Public School

ELK to Grade 8 (FI & EP) - Enrolment 267

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We offer Full Day Kindergarten!

Before and after school programs are also available. Please contact the school for more details

Where Children and Learning Come First

Lansdowne Public School is an Kindergarten to Grade 8 English and French Immersion school. As a school that has been the heart of the downtown core since 1929, we are proud of our rich history.

An impressive school, Lansdowne has three floors – with primary classes on the bottom floor; our Kindergarten students on the main floor and Grades 4 to 8 students on the upper floor. With a large number of First Nations students, Lansdowne offers an Ojibwe Language Program for students in Grades 1 through 8. We also have an Early Intervention Program as well as an Early Reading Intervention Program for students in Grade 1.

A large playground, with two sandbox areas for the primary children, is located on school grounds. There is a basketball court and a baseball diamond where children enjoy a variety of games in the fall and the spring. The classrooms have play equipment that can be taken out at recess. In addition, there are many picnic tables and benches for the children and many trees providing shade.

Community Partnerships
Lansdowne Public School is proud to work in partnership with community organizations including the YMCA, Frontier College and Better Beginnings Better Futures.

The YMCA offers childcare services and a before and after school program at the school. Extended Day Care is also offered for infants and toddlers.

Lansdowne is home of BBBF Best Start Hub, a family centre in the school that offers pre-school children and their families a place to meet, to learn and to grow together. The goal of the Hub is to help create a best start for every child. It offers free programs where all children are welcomed into an enriched family-learning environment. Experienced and caring staff offer resources on child care and pre-school learning programs. It also offers a broad range of services that will ensure that children from birth to 6 years of age receive the best possible opportunities. This is achieved through a strong partnership between the Hub, the school, child care centres, community agencies, organizations, and more.

Better Beginnings Better Futures also sponsors the school’s Breakfast Club, which serves over 75 students daily and the Snack program serves healthy snacks to all the children daily. The IODE and Breakfast for Learning provide snacks for our children.

Reading, Writing and Math
Lansdowne Public School continues to emphasize the importance of a strong academic foundation. With the support of an excellent staff, the students strive to be the best they can be. We instill a love of reading and writing through a variety of learning opportunities. Our students are provided with academic opportunities beyond the classroom including Science Fair, Heritage Fair, Entrepreneurship Fair, Public Speaking, Math & Science Olympics to name a few.

In addition to our library, we have a Book Room, which gives teachers access to a wide variety of books for their balanced literacy program. Students write daily. We believe that this improves attitudes toward writing, enhances the quality of writing, builds self-confidence and promotes risk-taking.

Our teachers also stress the importance of mathematics and work diligently with our students in numeracy. With a strong curriculum and the use of manipulatives, our students gain a good foundation in mathematics.

Parental Involvement
At Lansdowne Public School, we recognize the importance of an active School Council and encourage our parents to get involved. Together we have planned many school events including Special Events to promote literacy, numeracy and the arts. When we work together, our school flourishes and our students benefit. Many of our parents willingly give their time to help support the school by sitting on committees, helping out in classrooms, going on excursions and being actively involved in our Fun Fair.

Extra-curricular Activities
Lansdowne staff work cooperatively to promote a positive leaning environment by providing many opportunities for extra-curricular activities such as volleyball, basketball, track and field, chess and soccer, to name a few. The students attend the many tournaments organized by the Board. They are encouraged to have fun and to always show good team spirit.

Character Education
At Lansdowne Public School, we recognize the importance of character development. We have initiated several programs to assist our students in becoming kind, respectful and responsible students and citizens.
We celebrate student achievements at various assemblies. Our students are given many opportunities to practice important life skills that will enable them to succeed in learning and life. We strongly believe in being proactive and always modeling and encouraging appropriate behaviour. At Lansdowne, staff and students have the right to learn and work in a healthy and safe environment that is free from violence and harassment.

Lansdowne staff and students strive for quality in everything they do. Hard work helps students realize their potential. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little “extra” effort. We believe that great learning goes hand in hand with honour, truth and integrity.