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Board Awards

Board Awards – 2024

Rainbow District School Board honoured its dedicated employees and community partners with the 2024 Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Co-Curricular Program, Community Partnership Awards, the Go Green Globe Awards, Awards for Excellence, the Barbara Konarek Memorial Award and the William N. Roman Teacher of the Year Award. Individuals with 25 and 35 years of service were also recognized.

“The Board Awards represent a rich tradition of honouring excellence in Rainbow Schools,” said Board Chair David Farrow. “We are proud of our award recipients for their individual and collective contributions to Rainbow Schools in Sudbury, Espanola and Manitoulin Island. They represent the values that we cherish, model and teach.”

“Award recipients are champions for children and youth,” said Director of Education Bruce Bourget. “Together, they reflect the experience, energy and enthusiasm that make Rainbow Schools great places for teaching and learning. They give of themselves to provide a strong circle of care and, in the process, open doors, enabling students to achieve their full potential.”


Gaston Guignard – Volunteer Coach – Valley View Public School

Extra-curricular activities are thriving at Valley View Public School thanks to the unwavering commitment of volunteer coach Gaston Guignard. Coach Guignard’s dedication is valued, respected and appreciated by students, staff and families. A proud firefighter, husband and father of three, Gaston devotes much of his free time to coaching basketball, floor hockey, ice hockey, cross-country running, softball and volleyball. A fair and compassionate leader, he establishes purposeful and meaningful connections with student athletes.

Gaston keeps students engaged, making a significant contribution to their skill development, character, and overall health and well-being. He can often be seen lugging multiple bags of sports equipment to ensure students are ready to play. Thank you, Gaston Guignard, for giving students at Valley View Public School the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of sports. Congratulations!

Mike Jensen – Teacher – Lockerby Composite School

Mike Jensen is a passionate advocate for music education, sharing his love of music with students of all ages and abilities. From field trips and school and community concerts, to local and national music festivals, Mike is always finding ways to enhance the learning experience for students. He even oversaw the development of a vibrant student-led Music Council, and was instrumental in the revitalization of the audio-visual setup in the Lockerby auditorium.

Hard-working, good-humoured and selfless, Mike remains committed to the well-being and happiness of students. He is also a proud supporter of the Joan Mantle Music Trust, and seeks to extend his professional growth while staying grounded in his desire to engage each student. A fearless music educator, Mike Jensen makes a difference each and every day. Congratulations!

Dane MacVeigh – Teacher – Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School

Dane MacVeigh models personal fitness and a lifelong love of sports for students at Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School. He is actively engaged in health and physical education classes and runs the school’s weight room. During lunch and after school, students appreciate his guidance in reaching their fitness goals in a safe and caring environment.

Throughout his teaching career, Dane has coached girls’ and boys’ volleyball, soccer, and track and field. He has led teams and individual athletes to the highest level of high school athletics – earning bronze and antique bronze in boys’ volleyball at the 2015 and 2016 OFSAA championships. An active member of the Sudbury District Secondary Schools’ Athletic Association, Dane has been the convenor for boys volleyball for many years and has organized NOSSA volleyball tournaments. Thank you for your contribution.

Tracy Moxam-Stos – Teacher – Lively District Secondary School

Tracy Moxam-Stos is a champion for students inside and outside of the classroom. A strong proponent of athletics, Tracey has supported teams as a staff representative or a coach, including girls’ hockey and volleyball, flag football, badminton and slo-pitch. A wonderful role model, Tracy goes beyond the call of duty to inspire and motivate athletes to be the best they can be. 

Tracy’s unwavering dedication to sports at Lively District Secondary School is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic presence at games. Wearing black and gold, the Hawks’ school colours, she cheers on the athletes across rinks, courts and fields. Tracy also organizes transportation to games, and handles administrative duties efficiently. For her consistent commitment to students, Tracy Moxam-Stos is most deserving of an Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Co-Curricular Program. Congratulations!

Becky Stewart – Teacher – Assiginack Public School

Becky Stewart has been a dedicated coach for over 20 years, devoting countless hours to athletics before, during and after school. Each school year, Becky shifts back and forth to lead various teams including cross-country running, basketball, volleyball and hockey. In the process, she fosters a love of sports for athletes of all ages across Manitoulin Island.

Becky led the first Island Elementary School Hockey Tournament, attracting teams and families from Espanola to Manitoulin. Working with the Township of Assiginack, she also successfully advocated for Assiginack Public School to host the Island-Wide Track and Field Meet. Students benefit from her positive attitude, great sense of humour, kindness and competitive nature. Proud to represent her school on various sports committees, Becky Stewart opens doors for students, giving them opportunities to get involved and have fun. Congratulations!

Mike Zegil – Teacher – Manitoulin Secondary School

An exemplary educator, Mike Zegil engages students in innovative learning opportunities, including bringing solar LED lighting to Indigenous communities in Costa Rica. Patient, enthusiastic and organized, he directs musicals, supports Student Council, contributes to sports, promotes mindfulness, and serves as master of ceremonies at school events. He also coached basketball and rugby. More recently, he helped the Manitoulin Metal Robotics Team garner success at the World Championships. Highly respected, he is the go-to for guidance and direction. 

Mike also gives back to his community as a volunteer for minor hockey and as a volunteer firefighter. Six school-based Relay for Life events that he co-led raised over $200,000 for cancer. A school health and safety representative, he contributes to the well-being of all as a member of the Board’s Joint Health and Safety Committee. Congratulations!


Tanner’s Your Independent Grocer

Tanner Lafreniere’s contribution to Espanola High School enhances the physical, mental and emotional well-being of students, ensuring they have the resources to thrive in safe and inclusive spaces. Your Independent Grocer in Espanola supports a variety of school initiatives, from teams and clubs, to school fundraisers and events that bring people together. 

Tanner’s also supports students through employment and co-operative education, providing work experience, skills development and valued mentorship. Students are encouraged and empowered to take on leadership roles. Tanner’s also provides a bursary for a graduating student employed at the store. Generous and committed, Tanner’s Your Independent Grocer has enriched the school community, fostering a sense of belonging among students, parents/guardians, and staff. This, in turn, has enhanced the learning experience and had a positive impact on student success. Thank you for being an outstanding community partner. Espanola High School Principal Andrea Therrien accepted the award on behalf of Tanner’s Your Independent Grocer.


Copper Cliff Public School

Copper Cliff Public School is home to a new composting program that diverts waste from landfills. The Green Team educates staff and students about proper composting and the “Bin Brigade” takes care of collection. Students in various grades are using a new vermicompost bin in science classes to further their learning in this area. 

Last year, vegetable garden boxes were added to the outdoor classroom. Thanks to a $500 Action Project Grant from Learning for a Sustainable Future, students are learning the ins and outs of growing and caring for food in our northern climate. They are also growing food indoors using hydroponic systems from SucSeed and enjoy the opportunity to observe the plant growth in real time. The Green Team even visited the Vale Greenhouse. For their exemplary practice, they are most deserving of a Go Green Globe Award. Congratulations! Accepting the award were teachers Jessica McKerral, left, and Ashley Kerckhoff.

Lively District Secondary School

Lively District Secondary School began the school year with an EcoCode that encourages sustainability by reducing plastic in lunches, growing your own vegetables, recycling and composting, walking to school, and turning off lights when not in use. The EcoCode serves as a daily reminder of what the school community values.

A state-of-the-art horticulture room was recently unveiled at the school, bringing gardening indoors for year-round hands-on experiential learning. In the modern green space, students grow food, propagate plants, maintain gardens, and gain valuable skills, while developing an appreciation for healthy, sustainable living. Intermediate students planted apple trees in the school yard, and Grades 7/8 students are learning about EcoSchools initiatives. The entire school participated in the “Great Gulp” to promote the use of reusable water bottles and to appreciate access to safe drinking water. Congratulations for leading the way! Accepting the award were, from left, Vice-Principal Kyle Gutscher, teachers Ryan Langlois, Jana Niemi Lahnalampi, Joe Lonsdale, Kristin Clarke, Steve Sheehan and Principal Susan Kett.


Laura Pogue – Elementary Literacy Consultant – Centre for Education

Laura Pogue plays an integral role in the implementation of the new language curriculum. She incorporates best practices for literacy instruction in schools, delivers professional learning for teachers, and assists with executing School Improvement Plans. She exudes a passion for literacy, evident in her energy, excitement and enthusiasm as an Elementary Literacy Consultant, instructional expert for the literacy lighthouse classrooms, and the reading lead for the Summer Learning Program.

A lifelong learner, Laura Pogue will often reflect on her practice and seek ways to improve. She spends countless hours preparing and planning instruction, modeling lessons, and providing guidance to educators across the Board. Calm and knowledgeable, she puts students and staff at ease with her very presence. Laura Pogue’s sense of humour, warm personality and keen intellect make her an ideal recipient for an Award for Excellence. Congratulations!

Paolo Berardelli – Project Coordinator – Centre for Education

Paolo Berardelli is highly regarded for his exemplary service throughout the Board. As Project Coordinator, Paolo ensures that schools are bright and inviting spaces for teaching and learning. He leads school renewal projects, working with consultants and contractors to deliver value for services rendered, from minor renovations and refreshed classrooms, to school additions and schoolyard improvements. 

A problem-solver and multi-tasker, Paolo goes above and beyond to ensure projects are completed to the highest standard. A good communicator, he remains focused on educational programming and planning. He maintains strong working relationships with child care partners and incorporates their feedback to meet requirements and regulations. Conscious and considerate, Paolo always keeps the best interests of students at the forefront of decision-making. With his strong work ethic, flexibility and willingness to adapt, he makes our school environments wonderful spaces for teaching and learning. Congratulations!

Cindy Whitson – Executive Assistant to the Director of Education – Centre for Education

Cindy Whitson joined the board in 2007 as an Indigenous Support Clerk. In 2014, she became an Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools. For the past three years, she has provided a wide range of administrative services as Executive Assistant to the Director of Education. 

Cindy Whitson exudes professionalism. Throughout the years, she has built positive relationships with staff, Trustees and education partners. She has the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities with ease, remaining calm in high pressure situations. Approachable and welcoming, she greets colleagues with a warm and encouraging smile each morning, a great way to start the day. Cindy is caring, considerate, dedicated and dependable, and is always willing to go the extra mile. For this and more, Cindy Whitson is most deserving of an Award for Excellence. Congratulations!

Cindy Campeau – Special Education Resource Teacher – Chelmsford Valley District Composite School

Cindy Campeau has paved a path to success for the students in her care. She leads school-wide reading interventions, and collaborated with board staff on the creation of a program that supports the development of early reading and writing skills. Rational and logical, Cindy can de-escalate high pressure situations with ease. Colleagues recognize her as a source of inspiration, and eagerly accept the wisdom that she imparts. 

Cindy builds community by organizing special events like Jump Rope for Heart, various play days and extra-curriculars. She has coached basketball, floor hockey, and soccer to teach students the value of leadership and cooperation, and to foster a sense of self-esteem and accomplishment. Knowledgeable, innovative, and compassionate, Cindy has enriched lives. Cindy Campeau epitomizes exemplary leadership. Congratulations!

Nicole Glassford – Teacher – Valley View Public School

Nicole Glassford displays an extraordinary level of dedication, making her invaluable at Valley View Public School. Her innovative teaching style keeps students motivated and engaged, and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Nicole’s gracious humour, ingenuity, positivity and quick wit brighten the school environment each and every day.

Nicole is an exceptional educator and role model whose commitment extends beyond her classroom. A beacon of creativity, she knits hearts for Valentine’s Day and crochets poppies for Remembrance Day. She gathers donations for Christmas baskets to ensure families feel supported, and has been the Jump Rope for Heart lead since 2003. More than $84,000 has been raised for Heart and Stroke. Attentive, uplifting, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Nicole Glassford’s unwavering selflessness has a positive and powerful impact on students. Congratulations!

Mark Patterson – Principal – Redwood Acres Public School

A seasoned administrator with over 25 years of experience in public education, Mark Patterson exemplifies excellence. Known for his compassionate nature, Mark has helped students of all ages feel respected, supported and eager to learn. He promotes a love of literacy in classes with read-alouds, and even developed a Radio Club for students to speak with others from around the world during nutrition breaks.

Committed to his craft, and always striving to improve, Mark stays current on best practices to cultivate meaningful relationships with staff and colleagues. A highly regarded mentor, he balances support and encouragement while providing his staff with space and grace to maximize their strengths and independence. His optimism and professionalism have had a lasting impact on the leaders in his care. Confident and humble, Mark Patterson is most deserving of an Award for Excellence. Congratulations!

Jeanette Lankshear – Program Leader of Special Education – Sudbury Secondary School

An exceptional leader, Jeanette Lankshear is an integral part of the staff at Sudbury Secondary School. Jeanette’s classroom is a welcoming and inviting space where students with diverse learning needs feel respected and encouraged. She uses innovative and tailored teaching strategies to ensure students receive individualized support for their academic growth. 

Having coached many sports such as baseball, volleyball, badminton and cross-country running, Jeanette is always ready to step up to the plate. Organized, compassionate, approachable, and generous, she volunteers her time with graduations, award ceremonies, book clubs and Bingo. She is also a valued member of the school’s literacy and math committees, where her colleagues often look to her for guidance to support success for all students. Jeanette Lankshear is among the caring adults who make Sudbury Secondary School a great place to be. Congratulations!

Derek Ormerod – Educational Assistant – Princess Anne Public School

Derek Ormerod has enhanced the learning experience for students of all ages and abilities for more than 20 years. As an Educational Assistant, he advocates for student success, working alongside teachers to ensure students flourish in their educational journey. Under his care and guidance, students gain independence and self-confidence as they set and meet their academic, social, emotional, and physical goals. He encourages students to take risks and have fun.

Derek arrives at school each day ready to model the vision, mission, values and priorities of the Board including the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Flexible and solution-oriented, Derek assumes his work with dignity and delight. He assists with the school breakfast program, co-coaches the Chess Club, and helps coordinate the annual board-wide chess tournament. Derek also maintains a professional rapport with students, parents/guardians, staff and community members. Congratulations!

Sheryl Crépeau – Educational Assistant – Lasalle Secondary School 

Sheryl Crépeau radiates positivity and passion, for her chosen profession and student success. In 33 years of service with the Board, she has supported students in Life Skills and Transition classes. She has always taken immense pride in the individualized programming provided to meet the needs of each student. Through her love of dance, she has also developed choreography for school plays, dance recitals, cheerleading and flash mobs.

Selfless and kind-hearted, Sheryl encourages students to engage actively in their community. She inspired students in construction to build dog houses for Petsave, and led an initiative that brought over 100 “cheer stockings” to community groups for those in need. Gracious and caring, Sheryl has also been responsible for the Lasalle Breakfast Club, ensuring students are well nourished and ready to learn. Thank you, Sheryl Crépeau, for your immense contribution. Congratulations!


Arynn Frantz – Special Education Resource Teacher – MacLeod Public School

An outstanding educator and advocate, Arynn Frantz makes educational decisions based on the best interest of students. She has supported many students through Empower reading and varied interventions. Students connect to her with ease and are motivated to excel and succeed. She also engages parents/guardians as partners. Parents consider her one of their biggest allies.

Arynn willingly shares effective teaching practices with colleagues to ensure every student has an entry point to learn. She also builds understanding of special needs through school initiatives. She helped plan and implement the first ever annual MacLeod All Star Baseball tournament. Students in the Intensive Support Program beamed at the opportunity to participate in an inclusive sport. With her contagious energy, positive attitude, and calm, consistent approach, Arynn Frantz has a lasting impact on the students in her care. Congratulations!


Reg Bonin – Program Leader of Special Education and Student Success Teacher – Lively District Secondary School

Reg Bonin earns high praise as Lively District Secondary School’s football coach. His leadership abilities are as impressive in the classroom where he also sets high expectations. With a focus on teamwork, empathy, self-discipline, and character, Reg inspires students to better themselves. An advocate for student success, he interacts with students about attendance, academic progress, needs as a learner, and external influences. 

He also invites parents/guardians and partners to be part of the conversation. When Mr. Bonin engages with staff about student needs, they know he has their best interests at heart and they work together to implement supportive strategies in a caring and nurturing environment. Students feel valued and heard and, much like the athletes on the football field, they rise to the expectations.