Work Safe

Work Safe

Your workplace has a great influence on your health and overall wellness.  At the Rainbow District School Board, we are committed to working in partnership with employees to ensure healthy, safe and supportive work environments.

Hints for a Healthy Workplace

You can contribute to a healthy workplace by:

  • Assuming responsibility for your own health and wellness.
  • Taking a leadership role in your workplace by starting a walking circle or a fitness challenge.
  • Working with managers and co-workers to reduce risk factors.
  • Sharing important information about health and wellness with your co-workers.
  • Encouraging others to make healthy choices in the workplace.
  • Being informed about policies and regulations that affect you.

Managing Workplace Stress

Workplace stress can harm your health.  Read the following tips and find out how to manage everyday stress and stay healthy.

  • Be informed about your workplace rights and responsibilities.
  • Eat well and exercise regularly.
  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep at night.
  • Get support from family and friends.
  • Prepare for unpredictable situations (i.e. car doesn’t start, child is home sick etc.)
  • Avoid procrastination.  Plan ahead!
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeinated products.
  • Meet with your manager to discuss workplace issues.
  • Seek professional help, particularly if stress leads to depression or other mental illnesses.

Policy Profile Health and Safety (P.2.05)

The Rainbow District School Board is committed to the health and safety of its employees, students and visitors and is guided by the following principles:

  • No task is worth performing if safety is at risk
  • Health and safety can be managed
  • Injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented
  • Health and safety is a shared responsibility

Working safely is a condition of continued employment.  The Board is committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of all occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

The Board and its officials, principals and supervisors are committed to and are held accountable for providing a safe and healthy work environment.  Every employee is held accountable for working safely, for addressing unsafe acts by others, in a positive manner, and for correcting and/or reporting all unsafe conditions.

For more information on this and other policies, visit the Board Policies page listed below.

Workplace Health and Safety Links

For more information about health and safety in the workplace and employment standards, please visit the many links below.

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