What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

COOL IT! Making ice cream at Walden Public School

How can liquids and solids combine to make ice cream? Grade 2 students at Walden Public School, including Blake Marassato and Amy Decicco, found out during a science lesson on matter. The students collected all the ingredients to make ice cream. They put ice cubes and salt into a large plastic bag. They measured whole milk, vanilla, and sugar into a smaller bag. Once both bags were sealed tightly, they placed the smaller bag into the large bag.  "Cool music" was played while the students shook and shook their bags for 10 minutes.  What happened to all the ingredients?  The ice cooled the milk, vanilla and sugar and then the liquid mixture changed into a solid – ICE CREAM!  "I’d better eat my ice cream fast before it melts back into a liquid," said one student.