What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Excitement building for new green school in Sudbury West

 The new Walden Public School
 Walden Public School under construction and preparing to welcome students later this fall.

Construction of the Rainbow District School Board’s second green school is progressing at a steady pace. Students from George Vanier Public School and Jessie Hamilton Public School are looking forward to moving into their new school later this fall. Located on Sixth Avenue in Lively, Walden Public School will offer English and French Immersion programs for students in JK to Grade 6.

“Excitement is really building as teachers and students watch the school take shape,” says Director of Education Jean Hanson. Just this week, Grade 2 teacher Jill Isard at George Vanier whose classroom overlooks the construction site shared a wonderful moment with her students.

“They were studying simple machines in science,” says Director Hanson. “A student, filled with excitement, came running into the classroom because workers were on platforms that had pulleys. ‘Look,’ exclaimed the student, ‘a simple machine. There’s a pulley!’ The teacher, needless to say, was absolutely thrilled that the student had made the connection. What a wonderful hands-on learning opportunity!”

Staff and students from Jessie Hamilton Public School and George Vanier Public School have been together as one school since the start of the new school year. JK to Grade 3 students from both Jessie Hamilton and George Vanier are at the George Vanier site. Grade 4 to 6 students are at the Jessie Hamilton site. “This will ensure a seamless transition when the new school is ready for occupancy,” says Director Hanson.

Walden Public School will be a model for sustainable development, with geothermal heating and cooling systems, radiant floor heating, displacement ventilation, energy efficient fixtures, occupancy sensors, waterless urinals and solar panels.

Projected enrolment is approximately 500 students.


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