What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Northeastern Kindergarten students showcase interactive art exhibit

Northeastern Elementary School will host an interactive art exhibit, “Explorers of their World,” featuring art from Kindergarten students under the leadership of Artist in Residence Katie Fenerty.

Student art will be on display in the school’s Makerspace on Wednesday, June 19th for French Immersion students, and Thursday, June 20th for students in the English program. Two art showings will take place each day – 11:20 am to 11:40 am and 12:10 pm to 12:30 pm.

The Artist in Residence Education Program is funded by the Ontario Arts Council and Rainbow District School Board, and provides students with hands-on learning opportunities with a professional artist.

“Through the program, students learn to work with a variety of different mediums and tools, in environments that they might not be able to experience otherwise,” says Randy Wallingford, Principal of Northeastern Elementary School. “They also practice creativity, collaboration and communication.”

He adds: “The small group settings allow for more individualized instruction and the chance for imaginations to flow freely.”

Artist Katie Fenerty’s calm and creative approach has inspired students and teachers alike. “Katie is showing students that art can be created just about anywhere, and with just about anything,” says Line Roberge, Arts Education Co-ordinator with Rainbow District School Board.

“Students are using magnetic sand, polarized paper, wood, wire, embroidery and natural pigments to create meaningful pieces of art,” says Katie Fenerty. “They are also exploring textures, shapes, colours and sounds.”

She adds: “My vision is to help students build connections with each other, the materials they use, and environments in which they play, live and learn.”


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