What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

November 6: Rainbow Schools take part in World Paper Free Day

Rainbow District School Board invites students and staff to go paperless in support of World Paper Free Day.

Schools are challenged to create 21st century paperless classrooms by avoiding the use of printers, photocopiers, hard copy reading materials, and paper-based tasks and assignments for the day.

This green initiative is part of the Environmental Committee’s ongoing efforts to encourage sustainable practices and increase awareness about paper consumption as Rainbow District School Board redoubles its efforts to fight climate change.

The Board has declared a climate change emergency and is creating a climate change action plan including having 100% of Rainbow Schools certified as EcoSchools within three years, with each school committed to reducing its carbon footprint and increasing sustainable practices.

“Turning one tree into paper releases over 110 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” says Director of Education Norm Blaseg. “It is important to consider the environmental effects of using paper inside and outside of the classroom.”

Other environmental impacts include reducing oxygen levels by cutting trees; using energy by making paper, manufacturing printers, ink and toner cartridges; and consuming fuel by distributing paper and paper resources.

“Going paperless would have an extremely positive impact on emissions,” says Director Blaseg. “The hope is that students recognize the long-term effects our current paper usage habits have on the planet, now and for years to come.”

Rainbow District School Board’s Environmental Committee is issuing monthly challenges to staff and students throughout the school year.

Last month, Rainbow students took part in Eat Local Day.

What will next month’s challenge be?


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