What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Rainbow Schools host pulses challenge on January 16th

Rainbow District School Board invites staff and students to eat pulses and share recipes on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

Secondary school cafeterias, which are operated by Chartwells, will feature a special Asian rice bowl with tofu, basmati rice, onions, peppers, black beans, corn and mushrooms.

This Go Green initiative is part of the Environmental Committee’s ongoing efforts to encourage sustainable practices, increase awareness about global food security, and promote well-being.

Pulses include a variety of lentils, beans and peas, and can be added to soups, casseroles, salads and sauces for an extra dose of protein, iron and fibre.

“Pulses contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy diet,” says Director of Education Norm Blaseg. “Increasing our pulses intake is good for us and the planet.”

This low-fat, low-cost food source is drought-tolerant and frost-hardy. Pulse crops enrich the earth where they are grown, improving the health and long-term fertility of soils.

“Pulses are water efficient and have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any food group,” adds Director Blaseg. “The Eat Pulses challenge will present the opportunity to reflect on how our eating practices directly impact the environment. Everyone is encouraged to participate.”

Rainbow District School Board’s Environmental Committee is issuing monthly challenges to staff and students throughout the school year.

Last month, students researched Indigenous perspectives on caring for Mother Earth, and learned about Noojmowin, an Anishnaabe term for the holistic health and well-being of people, families, communities and the planet.

What will next month’s challenge be?


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