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What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Rainbow Schools mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Rainbow Schools will mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week from November 19 to 25, 2023. Educational activities and lessons are part of Rainbow District School Board’s ongoing commitment to safe and inclusive schools.

Last year, the Board piloted the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying program in 12 schools. The Canadian program has proven to be an effective way to build empathy and reduce bullying. This year, the program is being offered in all of the Board’s elementary schools.

“In Rainbow Schools, we build responsible and respectful citizens who care about each other and the world in which they live,” says Director of Education Bruce Bourget.

He adds: “When students feel safe and supported, in warm and welcoming learning environments, they gain a sense of belonging at school. Well-being is essential for student achievement.”

Rainbow District School Board’s commitment to student success is reflected in Strategic Directions through its renewed mission: “Together, we prepare students to become lifelong learners, achieving their full potential as confident, caring members of society.”

Here’s what’s happening in Rainbow Schools for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week:

A.B. Ellis Public School
In addition to learning from the “Dare to Care” program, A.B. Ellis Public School students will read stories centered around anti-bullying themes and complete a variety of activities and pledges to promote kindness at school. Inspired by the story, “A Little Spot of Kindness” by Diane Alder, students will be given daily challenges over announcements to demonstrate acts of kindness including the use of encouraging words, sharing with peers, inviting others to join in, using good manners, and lending a helping hand. Staff are also challenged to “spot the kindness” and add student names to fill the school kindness meter.

Adamsdale Public School
Students at Adamsdale Public School “caught being kind” will be given a ticket for a chance to win a prize at the end of the week. On Wednesday, November 22nd, a Community Resource Officer from the Greater Sudbury Police Service will visit the school for a read aloud about being yourself and being kind to others. Throughout the week, students will participate in character education lessons in classes. On Friday, November 24th, staff will host a monthly “Dare to Care” assembly in the gym to highlight “Kindness Champions” for the month of November.

Algonquin Road Public School
Students from Algonquin Road Public School are immersed in all things “kind” for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, including delivering hot chocolate with kind messages to classes and a “Dare to Care” bulletin board in the front entrance. Intermediate students on the school’s “Dare to Care” team have thoughtfully prepared and directed videos about kindness and empathy for all grade levels. “Kindness First Aid Stations” will be placed around the school for motivation, including “Band-Aids” with uplifting messages for students. Students who arrive at school on time are encouraged to greet others in the main foyer with high-fives and signs with kind messages to kick-off their day of learning. “Name poems” will also be read during morning announcements to acknowledge students.

Assiginack Public School
Students from Assiginack Public School will continue learning through the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying curriculum. Students will focus their learning on bullying and how to prevent it through daily announcements, read alouds, readings, writing, drama and art.

C.R. Judd Public School
Students from C.R. Judd Public School will take part in a spirit week aimed at bullying awareness and prevention. The week will begin with “Sock it to Bullying!” where students are invited to wear crazy socks. Classes will engage in random acts of kindness and will receive “shout outs” during announcements. Kindergarten students will add a leaf to their kindness tree for each act of kindness. Intermediate students will learn about the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and setting boundaries. They will also discuss how they can make noise to stop bullying. “Dare to Care” days will continue, where classes come together to learn the anti-bullying curriculum.

Central Manitoulin Public School
Central Manitoulin Public School will continue to use the “Dare to Care” program to build awareness around bullying and prevention. During Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, students will focus on the “Shape of Bullying”. Educators will use the School Mental Health Ontario website to support classroom discussions and activities around bullying, and will continue to acknowledge kindness by sharing “Happy Mail” and celebrating students during the “Dare to Care” assembly. Students will continue to “Light Up the Season with Kindness” by sharing cards throughout the community.

Charles C. McLean Public School
In addition to engaging in the “Dare to Care” curriculum, Charles C. McLean Public School will host motivational speaker Errol Lee to mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. Students will hear Errol’s anti-bullying message through “Hands Are for Helping”, “The Hero Club” and “Character Traits”.

Chelmsford Valley District Composite School
To mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, staff and students from Chelmsford Valley District Composite School will launch the “Eyes on Kindness” campaign. Students will learn the value of being kind to one another through kindness activities each day of the week. Spreading kindness leads to increased wellness for all. Staff and students are encouraged to “keep an eye” out for acts of kindness each and every day.

Churchill Public School
Students at Churchill Public School will engage in various learning activities for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. On Monday, November 20th, staff and students of Churchill Public School are encouraged to wear mismatched or odd socks to showcase their individuality and uniqueness. Throughout the week, all students will contribute to the creation of a feather mural to promote a safe and inclusive learning environment. For the mural, students will design their own eagle feather as a representation of bravery and strength.

Copper Cliff Public School
Students from Copper Cliff Public School will continue with the “Caught you being kind” initiative started by the Student Parliament. Throughout the week, classes will continue learning about various types of bullying and what we can all do to help stop it. Staff will also continue to focus on the “Dare to Care” program. The week will culminate with a school-wide anti-bullying poster campaign.

Lansdowne Public School
Lansdowne Public School will launch Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week with divisional “Dare to Care” assemblies on Monday, November 20th. Throughout the week, classes will participate in educational opportunities about the importance of being a kind and caring friend. Junior students will read “The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Classroom” and will discuss how one person, no matter how small, can make a difference. Students will also brainstorm actions they can take to stand up to bullying and what choices can be made to ensure the school remains a safe space for all. Kindergarten students will create a chain of kindness with a link for every student – emphasizing the idea that everyone belongs. In Core French classes, students will learn vocabulary related to bullying awareness and will listen to French music and watch short films related to kindness and inclusion.

Larchwood Public School
To kick off Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, Larchwood Public School will host a “Kindness Matters” assembly. Students will hear the work of the Kindness Ninjas and will discuss how to spread kindness through random acts as well as the Kindness Club. Staff and students will brainstorm community kindness projects to undertake in groups. Students will continue with the “Dare to Care” program, and morning announcements will focus on the importance of working together to create a safe and inclusive learning environment where everyone feels safe, accepted and ready to learn.

Lasalle Elementary School
Kindergarten to Grade 6 students from Lasalle Elementary School will continue to engage in the “Dare to Care” program. This comprehensive and practical bullying-prevention program enables schools to mobilize and maintain a caring community. Students will continue to participate in regular discussions that focus on working together to create safe and inclusive learning environments where everyone feels respected and ready for learning. Parents and guardians are welcome to participate through the parent portal.

Lasalle Secondary School
Each day during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, staff at Lasalle Secondary School will foster awareness with a series of information sessions. Students in various grades will read books and book studies with personal stories from people who have been bullied, as well as their outcomes. Through these activities, students will better understand what bullying is and how they can work together to support one another in creating a learning environment free from bullying, where students feel safe, accepted and respected.

Little Current Public School
Students in Grade 4 at Little Current Public School will look at methods and strategies to be part of the “caring majority” when witnessing any form of bullying behaviour. This will be uncovered through brainstorming, inquiry and role-plays. Junior, intermediate and ISP students will read “Be A Bridge” – a story about building bridges between yourself and others. Following this, students will dialogue in classes about how the story’s characters acted when seeing someone sad and lonely. Students will also write and draw their thoughts about the book. Students will present their work to their peers and connect examples from the story to concrete acts of kindness we can do in our own lives. Staff and students will continue their work with the “Dare to Care” program with a focus on discrimination and racism. Daily announcements will feature messages related to “Dare to Care”. To date, students have covered a variety of topics including: “The Importance of Being Kind”; “Types of Bullying”; “Bullying vs. Mean Moments”; and “Why Bullying Exists”. Weekly updates will continue to families with suggestions for learning at home.

Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
In the lead up to Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School kicked off the “Dare to Care” program for students in Grades 7 and 8 with an assembly on Wednesday, November 15th with guest speakers from Future North.

Markstay Public School
For Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, students from Markstay Public School are encouraged to complete daily acts of kindness. Staff will be on the lookout for students “caught being kind”. Those demonstrating kindness will receive a ticket for one of five daily draws, and can take their photo with the “Caught Being Kind” board on display in the school. Staff will continue to use “Dare to Care” to further engage students in age-appropriate discussions about bullying.

Monetville Public School
Monetville Public School will kick off Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week with a “Kindness First” assembly. The event will coincide with the Holiday Food Drive set to take place at the school from November 21st to December 9th. Morning announcements will reinforce learning about bullying and the various types. Students will continue their learning through the “Dare to Care” program.

Queen Elizabeth II Public School
All Kindergarten to Grade 6 students from Queen Elizabeth II Public School will continue to engage in “Dare to Care”. Students will learn the importance of working together to create safe and inclusive learning environments, where everyone feels accepted, respected and ready to learn.

R.H. Murray Public School
Staff and students at R.H. Murray Public School are encouraged to model kindness and respect, and to recognize those who go above and beyond to make the school a great place for teaching and learning. Each class will create their own objectives. A celebration will take place at the end of the week for meeting their goals.

R.L. Beattie Public School
R.L. Beattie Public School students will take part in their “Dare to Care” bi-weekly assembly to continue their learning about what bullying behaviour looks like, sounds like, and ways to stop it. Learning activities including read alouds and drama will follow in classes.

Redwood Acres Public School
At Redwood Acres Public School, students and staff are actively engaged in the “Dare to Care” program. Students are encouraged to be “giraffes” and stick out their neck to help someone in need. All students are challenged to “dare to care” for others. Students modelling kind behaviour will be showcased on TV screens, the main bulletin board, and during morning announcements to help foster a culture of caring citizens.

Remote Learning Elementary School
Students in the Remote Learning Elementary School will play a trivia game “Is it bullying?” by analyzing various scenarios to help students develop a greater understanding about the difference between bullying, conflict and a mean moment. Primary and junior students will also take part in a read aloud of “Eddie the Bully”. Students will learn how to deal with bullies, and will also learn that friendship and kindness are often the response to combat bullying.

S. Geiger Public School
S. Geiger students will gather in the gym to learn about the importance of being a buddy and not a bully – a component of the “Dare to Care” program. Students will consider behaviours and actions according to a “Kindness Meter”. A “Kindness Tree” will be set up in the school’s main entrance to demonstrate how students are working together to create safe and inclusive learning environments, where everyone feels safe and accepted. Read alouds and activities that model kindness and respect will be highlighted throughout the week during morning announcements and in classrooms.


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