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What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Rainbow Schools mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Rainbow Schools will mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week from November 20 to 26, 2022. Educational activities and lessons are part of Rainbow District School Board’s ongoing commitment to safe and inclusive schools.

This year, the Board is piloting the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying program in 12 schools. The Canadian program has proven to be an effective way to build empathy and reduce bullying.

“In Rainbow Schools, we build responsible and respectful citizens who care about each other and the world in which they live,” says Director of Education Bruce Bourget.

He adds: “When students feel safe and supported, in warm and welcoming learning environments, they gain a sense of belonging at school. Well-being is essential for student achievement.”

Rainbow District School Board’s commitment to student success is reflected in Strategic Directions through its renewed mission: “Together, we prepare students to become lifelong learners, achieving their full potential as confident, caring members of society.”

Here’s what’s happening in Rainbow Schools for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week:

A.B. Ellis Public School
Students from A.B. Ellis Public School will complete lessons using storybooks, visual texts and discussions to build understanding of bullying behaviours and safe ways to respond. With a focus on nurturing empathy and a sense of community as a means to prevent bullying, students are challenged to complete daily acts of kindness leading up to Hat and Toonie Day on Friday, November 25th. The fundraiser will support local families this holiday season.

Adamsdale Public School
Staff from Adamsdale Public School will be on the lookout for students “caught being kind” during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. Students demonstrating kindness will receive a ticket for one of five daily draws, and can take their photo with the “Caught Ya!” board displayed at the school. Surprise “celebrity” guests will visit with students virtually each day for a read aloud about anti-bullying and the importance of being kind. Students will also participate in character education lessons in classes.

Algonquin Road Public School
To celebrate their uniqueness and individuality, students from Algonquin Road Public School were invited to take part in “Odd Sock Day” on Monday, November 20th. Throughout the week, students will engage in lessons to learn about bullying and what it means to support someone in need. Teachers will also facilitate discussions about being thoughtful, kind and a good friend. The week will conclude with an independent visual art project, where students will self-reflect on five positive things about themselves. Staff will continue to use the “Dare to Care” program to further engage students in age-appropriate discussions about bullying.

Assiginack Public School
Students from Assiginack Public School enjoyed a special performance from singer, songwriter, and motivational speaker Errol Lee in the lead up to Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. His songs encouraged students to be positive, thoughtful and caring. Students will continue to learn about bullying and how to prevent it through daily announcements, read alouds, readings, writing, drama and art.

C.R. Judd Public School
Students from C.R. Judd Public School will continue learning through the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying curriculum. The program will also be shared with the School Council. To raise their kindness meter and create awareness about the impact of kindness, students will be challenged to light up a “Kindness Tree”. When students complete a kind act, they will receive a paper bulb to write their name and display it proudly on the tree for all to see.

Central Manitoulin Public School
Students at Central Manitoulin Public School continue to build awareness about bullying and bullying prevention. Singer, songwriter, author and motivational speaker Errol Lee visited students on Thursday, November 17th to discuss “Hands Are for Helping” and “The Hero Club”. The entire school remains focused on building an empathetic and diverse learning community. Students will continue to read stories and engage in discussions about the impacts of bullying, and Provincial Constable John Hill will also visit some classes to speak about bullying and social media.

Charles C. McLean Public School
In addition to classroom lessons about bullying, its effects, and the warning signs, Charles C. McLean Public School will host three performances by motivational speaker Errol Lee. Students will hear Errol’s anti-bullying message through “Hands Are for Helping”, “The Hero Club” and “Character Traits”.

Churchill Public School
Members of the Churchill Public School Student Parliament have written daily announcements for students to raise awareness about bullying prevention strategies. Students in Grade 6 will lead classes through a kick-off assembly for “Dare to Care” – a comprehensive and practical bullying-prevention program that enables schools to mobilize and maintain a caring community. To culminate the week, students will sign a “Kindness Oath” to hang it in their classes. Dialogue will foster understanding for all.

Lansdowne Public School
Students at Lansdowne Public School will participate in many educational opportunities to learn about the importance of being a kind and caring buddy. The “Dare to Care” program for junior and intermediate grades will be launched to educate students about bullying, discrimination and racism. Junior students will read the book “One” by Kathryn Otoshi, and will complete a watercolour painting to depict the book’s valuable message of standing up, standing together and accepting differences. Throughout the week, kindness stories and celebrations will be shared during morning announcements.

Levack Public School
The Levack Public School Pride Club will deliver morning announcements to educate students about bullying. A Youth Safety Officer from the Greater Sudbury Police Service will visit several classes to present an important anti-bullying message.

Little Current Public School
Students, staff and families of Little Current Public School are learning about bullying, why it exists, and how to be kind through the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying program. On Monday, students learned with announcements, and from Tuesday to Friday, they will participate in age-appropriate activities to build understanding and improve interpersonal relationships. Students will focus on discrimination and racism, and families will dive into reactive behaviours and how to help a child self-regulate. Lessons will resume through January and will carry forward through words and actions. Announcements will continue to be shared in all classes, and displays will be placed throughout the school to reinforce the messaging.

Lively District Secondary School
Lively District Secondary School will partner with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Northeastern Ontario to offer a Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation program for students. The program provides youth the opportunity to strengthen their social skills and be accountable for their behaviour. Representatives from the organization are invited to the school to launch the program during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.

Markstay Public School
Staff and students at Markstay Public School will create a “School Unity Tree” with the message that bullying can be prevented when we all come together – united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. The tree will be on display outside the main office. Staff and students will contribute their own creative strategies by writing positive messages on leaves to attach to the tree. As more leaves are added, students will be reminded that unity can create positive social change.

Monetville Public School
Monetville Public School will kick off Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week with a “Kindness First” assembly. The event will coincide with the Holiday Food Drive set to take place at the school from November 21st to December 9th. Morning announcements will reinforce learning about bullying and the various types. Classes will work together to prepare “Be a buddy, not a bully” posters for display around the school. New this year, students will take part in the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying program. On Wednesdays, primary students will focus on tattling and asking for help, while junior and intermediate students will discuss cyberbullying. Classes will continue making connections through read-alouds of books including “Bully” by Judith Caseley, “Do unto Otters” by Laura Keller, “Bully” by Laura Seeger, “Just kidding” and “My Secret Bully” by Judy Ludwig and “The Bully Blockers Club” by Teresa Bateman.

Queen Elizabeth II Public School
All Kindergarten to Grade 6 students from Queen Elizabeth II Public School will continue to engage in the anti-bullying pilot program “Dare to Care”. Students will learn that we need to work together to create safe and inclusive learning environments, where everyone feels safe, accepted and ready to learn.

R.H. Murray Public School
Staff and students at R.H. Murray Public School are encouraged to model kindness and respect, and to recognize others who go above and beyond to make our school a great place for teaching and learning. Each class will create their own objectives – and will have a celebration at the end of the week for meeting their goals.

Remote Learning Elementary and Secondary School
Students enrolled in the Remote Learning Elementary and Secondary School will participate in the Crumpled Paper Activity through videos and discussion. The activity relays a powerful message that every child should take part in to understand the lasting effects of bullying.

Valley View Public School
Some Valley View Public School students will take part in the “Dare to Care” anti-bullying pilot program. On Tuesdays at 9:30 am, students from Kindergarten to Grade 2 will gather in the gym to learn about the importance of being a buddy, not a bully. For maximum impact, all classes have created a “Kindness Bingo” card with random acts of kindness they intend to complete throughout the month. One lucky class will proudly display the Valley View School Spirit banner on their door. A group of Kindergarten students will also create a kindness music video.


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