What’s happening in Rainbow Schools?

Rainbow Schools promote environmental stewardship during Waste Reduction Week

Staff and students in Rainbow Schools will participate in a series of challenges during Waste Reduction Week from October 18 to 22, 2021 – Community Clean-Up/Wear Blue Monday, Clothing Drive Tuesday, Waste Audit Wednesday, No Plastics Thursday, and Litterless Lunch Friday.

It’s all part of the Rainbow District School Board Environmental Committee’s ongoing efforts to build citizens who care about the world in which they live.

“Creating connections between environmental choices and their effects on the planet is part of teaching and learning in Rainbow Schools throughout the school year,” said Director of Education Bruce Bourget. “Waste Reduction Week presents another opportunity to focus on sustainability and encourage the broader community to join us in these efforts.”

A national environmental campaign, Waste Reduction Week promotes responsible consumption, encourages use of environmentally responsible products/services, and promotes actions that conserve natural resources and divert waste from disposal.

The initiative also focuses on supporting a circular economy, celebrating environmental efforts and achievements, and encouraging innovative ideas and solutions for change.

Traditional Indigenous Medicine Wheel teachings, or M’Shkiki E-waawyeh Kinomaadwinan, parallel a circular economy. By placing ourselves in the centre of the circle – as consumers, responsible members of our family, and active citizens in society – we foster the ability to make conscious choices with positive impacts on the environment.

A variety of traditional Indigenous practices promote environmental stewardship, including harvest only what we need, use all parts of animals/plants during a harvest, avoid waste whenever possible, appreciate hand-me-downs, be creative in reusing items, and evade disposable cutlery by carrying a feast bundle with naagnan – plates, dboosk-naagnan – bowls, minikweganan – cups, b’dakjii’ganan – forks, emkwaanan – spoons, and mookmaanan – knives.

Last month, students walked for water on World Rivers Day.

What will next month’s challenge be?


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