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Home to the Science Technology Education Program (STEP)

Lockerby Composite School was built by the Nickel District Collegiate Institute Board in 1958 – 1959. Through the years, Lockerby Composite School has always provided our Viking students with a diversified list of course offerings in science, mathematics, technology, languages, arts, athletics, and social studies.

Our Vikings also enjoy a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities from sports, to clubs, to leadership opportunities. Our Athletics Program has always been home to strong athletes winning city, regional, and provincial championships; our clubs and councils help each of our students meet their personal needs, interests, and aspirations; and our annual Kids Caring for Kids Cancer Cancer Drive campaign has raised over 1 million dollars – benefiting pediatric cancer research in our city.

Responding to the changing needs of our society, Lockerby Composite School was one of the first schools in the region to create a magnet program. Our Science Technology Education Program (STEP) has since enjoyed a rich tradition at our school for both English and French Immersion students. Established in 1991, STEP continues to be recognized across the province as a program that engages students while developing their problem solving and critical thinking skills through experimentation, analysis, and a design-build focus. The program focuses on the competencies students need to be successful in the world – critical thinking and problem solving; innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; learning to learn, self-awareness and self-directed learning; collaboration, communication and global citizenship – and provides our Viking students with a place to grow and thrive in a safe, supportive, and enriching space.

STEP students entering Grade 9 and continuing on to Grade 10 study Science, Technological Design, Mathematics, and Geography for the entire school year. Combining these courses allows students to participate in Integration Days. Students complete their other courses in the conventional two semester framework. Additionally, our STEP Integration Days provide unique learning experiences that allows students and classes to work collaboratively and simultaneously with teachers from multiple disciplines one day per week. On these days, students broaden their technological skills, learn about the engineering design process, and are given the time to create, invent, design, and construct prototypes. Integration Days enable classroom learning to be enhanced with experiential learning, field trips, and mentorships through community partnerships, providing an enriching educational experience. As students in STEP progress into Grades 11 and 12, they choose to study a specialization based on their courses of interest, while using the skills acquired in Grades 9 and 10 to further their learning in their desired post-secondary and future career pathway. Students select from four unique disciplines that support an evolving world that relies on the connection between science and technology. STEP specializations focus on health sciences, engineering, computer science and sustainable development.

Above all, Lockerby Composite School is a great place to learn! Our school certainly has an enriching, inclusive, and supportive school culture for all of our students!

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