Equity and Inclusive Education

Equity and Inclusive Education

Rainbow District School Board continues to make Equity and Inclusive Education a priority through presentations for students, professional learning for staff and supports for schools. The Board is committed to ensuring that all students and staff work in learning environments that are safe and equitable.

All of the Board’s secondary schools have Gay Straight Alliances. They are designed to support students who identify as being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited or questioning, and students who may have friends, parents or other family members from these communities.

Rainbow has a long-standing relationship with the Canadian Centre for Gender and sexual Diversity, formerly Jer’s Vision. Founder Jeremy Dias has delivered presentations in several Rainbow Schools and has help to foster the ongoing creation of positive school cultures where diversity is accepted and respected. In the past, Rainbow has partnered with Dias to host the Embrace Diversity: Free to Be Me Conference (formerly Dare to Stand Out Conference) at various Rainbow secondary schools and continues to utilize The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity as a valuable resource in the ongoing planning of future conference.

Equity Posters

A series of posters promoting equity and inclusion were distributed to all Rainbow Schools in September 2016.

Dealing Directly with Language

An information card on “Dealing Directly with Language” has been distributed in all schools, classrooms and workplaces within Rainbow District School Board.

Everyone will be encouraged to be a role model in building inclusive schools and workplaces by addressing disrespectful comments and reinforcing the use of appropriate language.