Bell Let’s Talk Day

The Rainbow District School Board Mental Health Team has prepared a list of helpful resources for students, staff and families leading up to Bell Let’s Talk Day on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Access the resources below.

Break the Stigma - Children's Hospital Colorado
Mental Illness Education for Kids - Susie Shep
The Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours Connection - WRDSB
The "Thoughts - Feelings - Behavior" Triangle
The Stress Bucket - MindWell
Kindness Boomerang - Life Vest Inside
Bell for Better - Indigenous Action Plan
Heart2Heart - Kid Talks Stress
Real kids talk about coping with anxiety
Social Media and Teenage Self-Esteem
Harry & Leslie on Self-Esteem
Are video games bad for you?
Social Media and Self-Image
School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO)
Organizing Pause
Realistic Thinking and Feeling
Inspiration from all
Self-Care Activity
Bell Let's Talk Toolkit

Other Helpful Resources