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Welcome to the world of trades!

Welcome to Building a Career in the Trades!

This web site is a celebration of OYAP success... Past, Present and Future.

The people profiled in this web site are OYAP ambassadors.  They have the brains and they have the brawn and they love what they do!  They will tell you what it really means to enter a skilled trade as a young apprentice.

These are the young people who build our homes, maintain our vehicles and provide important services and much more.  These young people are our future gold colour professionals.

Without young vital apprentices entering skilled trades the industry’s productivity and bottom line will undoubtedly suffer.  Young people play an important role in ensuring our economy thrives and the wheels of industry continue to turn.

Join us on their journey as we explore the exciting world of skilled trades.  From heavy duty equipment technicians to air craft maintenance engineers, the opportunities are endless for young people who are interested in challenge, variety, job security and upward mobility.

Because of their training through OYAP, they can look forward to a myriad of possibilities…from staying in the trade to management positions, business ownership or careers in teaching.  Some will pursue dual trades.  Many will decide to enhance their certifications.   Others will pursue post secondary education…The sky’s the limit for these bright young people.

This web site provides information about OYAP, apprenticeship training, financial support to employers and valuable links and resources in support of apprenticeship careers for youth.  Learn about OYAP as a viable program pathway for secondary school students interested in pursuing the trades.

Building a Career in the Trades is intended to:

  • Provide young people with valuable resources and information about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program.
  • Inform young people, educators, employers and parents about career pathways in the skilled trades.
  • Encourage secondary school students to consider the skilled trades as a viable career destination.
  • Provide young people with role models who have successfully entered the trades as apprentices through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program.
  • Provide a wealth of apprenticeship information of interest to educators, parents and employers.
  • Raise awareness of opportunities related to careers in the skilled trades.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of apprenticeship training and the viability of careers in the trades.


PDF A Guide for Graduating OYAP Apprentices
Building a Career in the Trades
PDF List of Service Providers
PDF Master Trade Exam Table
PDF OYAP Brochure
PDF Reference Chart for Skilled Trades
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