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Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship (OYAP)


Becoming a Tradesperson in Ontario
Pathways to Apprenticeship
List of Service Providers
List of Skilled Trades
Women in the Trades - Northern Life
Employer Incentives
Student Success Stories
Skilled Trades in Ontario Schools


A Pathway to a Rewarding Career!

Business and government predict serious shortages of qualified replacement workers. Shortages are already evident in a number of skilled trades.

Without young vital apprentices entering skilled trades the industry’s productivity and bottom line will undoubtedly suffer. Young people play an important role in ensuring our economy thrives and the wheels of industry continue to turn.

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program was introduced within the Rainbow District School Board high schools in an effort to provide senior students with an additional option to train as apprentices in the skilled trades.

What is OYAP?
Why an Apprenticeship?
Myths vs. Truths
Other FAQs

Students who enrol in OYAP benefit in several ways while in high school.

OYAP increases a student’s options. Students can either register as apprentices or use the OYAP Program as a pathway toward a post secondary education. Regardless of their choice OYAP provides students with a win-win situation.

OYAP can make it easier for a young person to enter the skilled trades . . . at an early age!

Student Eligibility

Students may be considered for OYAP if they are at least 16 years of age, in Grade 11 or 12 and serious about learning a skilled trade.

How do students get involved?

Contact your Local OYAP Coordinator today by clicking the link below. Be sure to select Rainbow District School Board in the drop-down menu.

Contact your local OYAP Coordinator

Red Seal Program (Interprovincial Standards Program)

What is the Red Seal Program? 

The Red Seal Program also known as the Interprovincial Standards Program is in place to provide skilled trades people with greater mobility throughout Canada.  The Red Seal Program encourages the standardization of Provincial/Territorial training and certification programs.

How does a person obtain a “Red Seal”?

This seal can be obtained by graduating from a recognized Provincial or Territorial apprenticeship program or by obtaining a journey level Certificate of Qualification and by passing the Interprovincial Standards Examination.

For further information visit


Under the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program students are provided with the opportunity to complete a number of industry recognized certifications including:

Working at Heights:
NORCAT – Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc.

Young Employee Safety Training Certification:
NORCAT – Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc.

WHMIS Certification:
NORCAT – Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc.

Other certifications as required by the co-op placement.

Course Requirements

OYAP students follow all co-operative education course requirements which include pre-placement orientation, independent student projects, in-class assignments, reflective learning, integration of classroom, workplace learning, work experience placements, etc.

Credit Value 1

Pre-Placement: 15 to 20 hours
Integration: 7 hours
Placement: 83 to 88 hours
Total Hours: 110 hours

Credit Value 2
Pre-Placement: 15 to 20 hours
Integration: 14 hours
Placement: 186 to 191 hours
Total Hours: 220 hours

Credit Value 4
Pre-Placement: 15 to 20 hours
Integration: 28 hours
Placement: 392 to 397 hours
Total Hours: 440 hours

Best Practices

Below is a document that outlines the best practices for co-op teachers, employers, Journey Persons and OYAP students.

Trade Definitions

Access a list of trade definitions below.

Labour Market

Access some information about the current labour market.

Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin.


See what OYAP students, employers and parents had to say about the program.

Contact Us

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
OYAP Recruiter: Jennifer Burns
705-674-3171 Ext. 8229