Education Week 2021

Education Week is recognized annually during the first full week in May. It is a time for students, teachers and parents to celebrate teaching excellence and student achievement.

2021: #StrongerTogether

Every student has the power to succeed, and every student deserves the opportunity to succeed.

This speaks to the power and life-changing impact of an education, and its ability to enlighten, inspire, and spark curiosity in a young mind.

For 2021, Ontario’s Education Week theme is Stronger Together. Building on the 2020 theme, Rising to the Challenge, we are recognizing our collective efforts in overcoming the difficulties of COVID-19.

Across the province, our teachers, staff and parents have been united in helping students succeed. They have risen to every challenge – finding creative, innovative, and effective ways to support learning and student well-being.

Let’s remain committed to empowering educators, and building a brighter future for our students, schools, families, and Ontario – because we are truly stronger together.