Student Senate Committee

The Student Senate Committee is a body of student leaders established by Rainbow District School Board and elected by students. The senate is made up of student voting representatives from district secondary schools. The student senate elects and advises the student trustee and represents students on the standing and advisory committees of the corporate Board.


The Student Senate Committee will liaise with student councils and secondary students in their schools for the purpose of:

a) sharing information about student activities;
b) bringing a board-wide student prospective to the student trustee; and
c) collaboratively organizing board-wide student led initiatives.

The Student Senate Committee is responsible for the yearly election of the student trustee.

Student Senate Committee Membership

A maximum of two students shall be selected from each secondary school in the board as voting members.

The student trustee shall be a voting member and shall act as chair of the Student Senate Committee.

The student trustee mentors and an administrative liaison shall be invited to meetings of the Student Senate Committee.

Member Selection

A Student Senate Committee member must be a senior student enrolled in a Rainbow District School Board secondary school.

Aspiring Student Senate Committee members must obtain an application form from their guidance department prior to a deadline established by the student trustee.

The selection of Student Senate Committee members shall be made by May 31 each year for the upcoming term.

In order to ensure adequate representation from each secondary school within the board, it shall be the responsibility of the current member of the Student Senate Committee and the principal of the school to interview the students who apply and select the incoming student member of the Student Senate Committee for that school.

Prior to student trustee elections, the Student Senate Committee shall offer informative presentations to each secondary school within the Rainbow District School Board regarding the roles and responsibilities of a student trustee and Student Senate Committee members.

Prior to the end of the school year, the newly selected Student Senate Committee members shall meet with the incumbent Committee members for an orientation and to define the Committee’s internal structure for the upcoming school year.

Term of Office

Student Senate Committee members may serve up to two (2) one-year terms.