Math Homework Help

Live one-on-one math tutoring!

Is your child in Grade 7 struggling with Fractions? Do you have a teenager with questions about Algebra? Free math help is available for students in Grades 7 to 10 at!

Students registered on the Homework Help site are able to access live, online help in mathematics from certified Ontario teachers. Tutors are online from Sunday through Thursday between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Many other resources are available 24/7 on the site, including math tutorials, games, a student locker, and more!

Additional Features:

  • some audio-enabled tutoring rooms
  • interactive whiteboards
  • topic designated rooms
  • classroom tools for teachers
  • “Guest” registration — to view sessions
  • hundreds of Best Sessions online
  • great seminars for Grades 9 & 10

Most students have already registered on the site, in their classes with their teachers. Students and Parents can also register at home. Click here to register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Independent Learning Centre (ILC)?
The ILC is an educational organizaton run through TV Ontario and is designated as the official distance education provider by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Q. Will the ILC have access to student’s personal information?
NO. Individual students and/or school boards will not be identfied to the ILC. After students activate their accounts, they will be known to the ILC as their Username and Password.

Q. Who are the tutors who will be assisting my child?
The tutors are Ontario certified mathematics teachers from school boards that are participating in the Homework Help project.

Q. Why would my son/daughter go to Homework Help when they could just ‘Google it’?
Homework Help provides a safe, reliable resource provided by the ILC, through the Ministry of Education, with Ontario teachers who know and teach the Ontario Curriculum. Each student gets to keep what they have learned in their own locker.

Q. Is it okay to give an email address?
Absolutely, this is a completely safe and secure environment… the ILC uses the same security platform as the banking industry.

The benefit is that Homework Help will be able to:

  • assist if students forget their Username or Password
  • inform students about key times during the school year; exams, EQAO and upcoming events

Q. How does my son/daughter remain anonymous when they are getting help?
Student names appear only as STUDENT when they are being tutored to anyone else who is in the Tutor Chat room.